November 2013

November 2013

November 2013 cover

A Study in Contrasts

Two radio facilities: While they are very different operationally, they have quite a lot in common.

Build Better Backups

Staying on-air is priority #1, but 100 percent redundancy comes at a cost.

Music is Everywhere at WTMD

WTMD at Towson University builds a showcase with music in mind.

FCC Looks to Update RF Exposure Rules

After a decade of discussion, some changes have been implemented.

Government Shutdown Causes FCC Delays

Following a nearly three-week shutdown, the FCC took steps to address the effect of the government closure.

New Products (November 2013)

New products from Auralex Acoustics, Lowell Manufacturing, RTW, Yamaha and more.

Applied Technology: Wheatstone baseband192

Wheatstone has its approach to providing a completely digital path from processor to transmitter.

Side by Side: Video Cameras

Video for radio may not seem like an obvious connection, but video is ideal for a station's website and social media efforts.

Tech Tips: Exploring More from Google Earth

The free program can be used quite effectively for path studies, but you have to jump through some hoops.

The History of W9BSP

A homemade radio transmitter built in 1922 still sits in the Olathe home where it was first used. And it still works.

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