October 2007

October 2007

Tag! Is this it?

The technology, called tagging, works with a radio that includes the tagging capability. That makes sense, right? The idea is that a listener hears a song he likes, presses a button (or some similar simple action) and the song is tagged for immediate or later purchase.

Next Steps in Surround

There are many facets to broadcasting surround content. Besides choosing a technology, the station's technical staff has to become appropriately educated, suitable monitoring is needed to listen to the content, and the related infrastructure has to be suitably in place.

Technology Turnaround

The time had come for KKDA Dallas to abandon the classic U-shaped cabinetry and start completely from scratch. The challenge was that the new studio had to be in the same location as the previous, which could not be enlarged.

Tips on analog tape mechanics and VU meters

The mechanics of analog tape and the value of VU meters.

Wi-fi antennas

In recent years, the introduction of wireless networks allows users to work anywhere within a defined location. The technology behind wireless networks changes almost yearly, but one thing remains the same: the antenna.

FCC may help daytime AM stations

In addition to the previously-reported proceeding looking toward allowing AM stations (including day-timers) to rebroadcast on FM translators, the FCC received comments in August on a petition for rulemaking that proposes a number of improvements to the post-sunset service rules on the AM side.

New Products

APW Mayville, Ikey-Audio, Innovative Office Products, Kaltman Creations, Marshall Electronics, Mayah Communications, Myat, Neutrik, Rohde & Schwarz and Viaradio.

The Emergent Employee

There is no doubt that radio has been changing in dramatic ways in the past few years. But these advancements in technology and radio's overall capabilities haven't just changed the way we listen to music-it has changed the way we transmit music-and a radio engineer's job is more complex and developmental than ever.

Field Report: Neustar SW4.0

It became clear that by using the Neustar software directly on the HD Radio Importer we could maximize our multicasting capabilities beyond the two channels available using dedicated hardware.

Mackie HR824 Mk2

The HR824 Mk2 has three protection circuits to safeguard the monitors: Overload Protection, Thermal Protect and Integrated Magnetic Shielding.

Sign Off

The Otari MX-55, Dan Steffen at WVQM studios in 1973 and how well radio retains listeners during commercial breaks.

Contributor Pro-file: Alex Kosiorek

Alex Kosiorek began his radio career for Radio Smithsonian and later for KUAT Communications Group.

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