October 2009

October 2009

The spirit of coopetition

As the rules of business are bent and retooled to ensure success, coopetition is a way for two or more typical competitors to work together for their mutual benefit.

IP-based Audio Distribution

Migration to IP audio can save money as well as offer new choices in the way audio is shipped for remotes, STLs and other real-time links.

WOON explores the science of getting small

Moving WOON-AM from storefront to little house took less than three months.

2009 Salary Survey

It's a tough year to talk about money. The good news is, you probably still care about your job.

New Products - October 2009

New products from ARX Systems, Axia Audio, BW Broadcast, Cascade Technology Corporation, Eaton Corporation, Intracom Systems, Intrinsic Net, Kaltman Creations, Key Digital, Middle Atlantic Products, Neutrik, Olympus, Platformic, RCS, Schomandl, SurgeX, Tascam, Towermast, Vcreative and Vycon Energy.

Outsource yourself

Outsourcing broadcast engineering services is not new, many markets, particularly the smaller of them, have been using contract engineering services for years.

New Form 323 to require multiple FRNs

The most striking proposed change is that the new Form 323 requires that every person or entity holding an “attributable” interest must have his/her/its own FRN which must in turn be reported in the new form.

Field Report: JBL Control 2P

Tight spaces, small recording rooms, trucks and engineering spaces are ideal environments for the Control 2P pair, and users will find the performance and sound reproduction the system provides to be the right solution.

Field Report: Harris HPX

It appears Harris did some serious homework on this transmitter. The controller is like nothing I have ever seen before.

Freeware for audio editing

Wavosaur will multitask like the previous version of Adobe and is compatible with most older Windows operating systems.

Switch N Sense

Many automation systems utilize the Measurement Computing Systems Switch N Sense-8 USB converter box for cue closure inputs.

Go wireless

When you must have more than one keyboard and mouse, one way to make things neater is to use a wireless keyboard/mouse combination.

Antique Tube Testers

A look at Steven Johnson's antique tube tester collection

Don't be anti-social

According to Jacobs Media's Tech Survey V for 2009, two-thirds of people surveyed visit and or/have profiles on social networking sites, up from 57 percent in last year's poll.

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Contributor Pro-File: Bruce Roberts

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