October 2010

October 2010

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What Happens when FEMA Approves CAP?

Once the decision is made, many broadcasters are concerned with the now legendary 180-day clock that will begin counting down.

2010 Salary Survey

The 2010 Salary Survey comes at the first rumblings of what is hopefully a wave of rebirth for the radio industry, as well as the nation''s economy.

Cumulus/Dickey Broadcast Baseball

The plan included a complete makeover of the play-by-play broadcast booth and the construction of a new pre/post-game stage in the Grand Entry Plaza.

Exploring NRSC-G201-A

Many IBOC systems have been up and running for five years now (or more) and so re-measuring compliance with the RF mask, while making use of the recommended methods, represents good engineering practice.

Open Source Software

It's never been easier to learn and write useful programs that make your day-to-day life easier, more productive and increase your value as an employee.

FAA Pre-approval of FM Frequency Use on Hold

In 2006 the FAA proposed to dramatically expand its influence over radio spectrum users – if not usurp the FCC in some areas of spectrum allocations.

Field Report: Comrex STAC

Overall the Comrex STAC has been a reliable system for the Tom Joyner Morning Show. It''s grown into a well established system that will be a benefit to any studio.

Field Report: Blue Microphones Snowball

If you are looking for a mic for recording directly to you computer, this mic is the perfect fit.

New Products (Oct 2010)

New products from Jetcast, Tascam, Rycote, Cloud Microphones, AudioScience and CellXion.

Upgrades and Updates (Oct 2010)

Updates from Korg, RCS and Orban.

There's an App For That

While many apps are toys or nifty gadgets, there are some that are practical in radio engineering. Here are some that have been suggested by readers.

Do You Remember: Fansteel Balkite

Rod Hogg contacted us about his Fansteel Balkite B-180 power supply after seeing the Fansteel ad in our July 2009 Do You Remember column.

Radio in Cell Phones

The results Harris poll show that a sizeable majority of American cell phone users would like the ability to listen to radio stations through their mobile phone.

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The online headlines from the October 2010 issue of Radio magazine.

Contributor Pro-File: Kent Kramer

This month: Kent Kramer; Director of Engineering; Reach Media/Tom Joyner Morning Show; Dallas, TX

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