October 2012

October 2012

October 2012 cover

New Life for the Radio Show?

Attendance was up, exhibitors were happy. It seems the Radio Show has hit a positive stride.

Extreme Studio Networking at Clear Channel Seattle

A million crosspoints set Clear Channel Seattle's new studio facility apart.

Audio Processing Update

On-air processors tend to have some standard features. We look at what sets several flagship products apart.

Making Money with Multicast

Kevin McNamara sees three problems that need to be overcome to make HD Radio multicast profitable.

What Went Down at the 2012 Radio Show?

Lee Petro looks at the big discussion items at the 2012 Radio Show.

New Products (October 2012)

New products from Auralex, Burk Technology, Enco Systems, Harris, Wheatstone and more.

Field Report: Digigram Cancun 222-Mic

The Digigram Cancun 222-Mic USB audio interface is lightweight, has plenty of professional functionality, and its thin, sleek design makes it perfect for desktop reachability and it fits nicely into a laptop bag.

Side by Side: Nearfield Monitors

In smaller spaces, nearfield monitors are ideal. We compare five common powered models.

Tool Cases and Site Security

Doug Irwin finds some things to keep your tools organized and easy to find.

Jim Higgs: 50 Years

Higgs has spent the last 50 years on the radio, starting at WDMC-AM in Kalamazoo, MI.

Currents Headlines from the October 2012 Issue

The online headlines from the October 2012 issue of Radio magazine.

October 2012 Advertiser Links

Links to the advertisers in the October 2012 issue of Radio magazine.