October 2013

October 2013

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Tell Me About HD Radio

HD Radio has a new app, a new website, and greater availability in car radios. But is it getting anywhere with consumer awareness?

Is it Time for a New Transmitter?

It's a major capital purchase that must operate for many years.

Game Time for IMG College

30 concurrent broadcasts to 2,300 affiliates is just routine for the sports network.

Frequency Coordination for Wireless Mics

Wireless mics can operate in a number of frequency bands, and proper coordination is required to prevent interference.

Key Theme at Radio Show: AM Revitalization

Recent statements by FCC Chairwoman Clyburn and Commissioner Pai have shed light on potential changes to the AM band.

Field Report: Acoustical Solutions AlphaSorb

Liberty University's Victory Radio Network found a way to control room reflections and present an attractive presentation in one product.

Side by Side: On-air Telephone Systems

Since the first on-air phone systems were introduced, the technology has advanced to provide exceptional quality from analog phone services. We look at five available systems.

A Better Backup Method

When one piece of equipment fails, why force the operation to resort to every piece of back-up equipment to stay on the air. Here's a better approach.

Sign Off: 2013 Salary Survey

Radio magazine has conducted a salary survey since 1994. See how you compare.

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