September 2009

September 2009

Marketing radio

For all radio does to promote itself as a consumer technology, it keeps coming up short.

The 2009 Radio Show Returns to the City of Brotherly Love

This will be the third time the convention has visited the historic city.

2009 NAB Radio Show New Products

New products at the NAB Radio Show from Wheatstone, Comrex, AEQ, Day Sequerra, Broadcast Electronics, Logitek, SAS, Nautel, Harris and more.

2009 NAB Radio Exhibitor Map

Find exhibitors and Radio magazine's booth on the 2009 NAB Radio Show exhibit floor.

2009 NAB Radio Show Sessions and Events

The engineering sessions and events at this year's NAB Radio Show cover some timely topics, including the new AM proof rules, the Electronic Program Guide project, HD Radio sideband power and IP audio.

Sun, Wind and Fuel Cells

We don't know what the future holds for energy prices -- but it seems more likely they will increase, rather than decrease. An investment in alternative power may pay off down the road in ways that are hard to imagine today.

Clear Channel Rochester Moves

A studio move sounds simple, but because the city was reimbursing Clear Channel for the move, the city had to review the bids.

Mounting Computers

While several methods of mounting various workstations and servers has been addressed before, sometimes a specific computer just won't fit on anything you have. A simple solution is as near as a suspended ceiling.

Sharpen Hand Tools for Longer Life

With the use of a fine needle file more life can be coaxed out of an old wire stripper.

Reuse Console Button Caps

It is very simple to remove old button legends with a Dremel tool with the 409 cut off wheel.

Using the operating impedance bridge

The development of the operating impedance bridge by Delta Electronics about 40 years ago made antenna impedance measurements not only much easier to perform, but more accurate.

FCC approves AM station rebroadcasts on FM translators

Under the new rules, AM stations may rebroadcast on "currently authorized" translators in the non-reserved portion of the FM band.

Field Report: Platformic

Not only has Platformic helped Broadcast Company of America design two websites, but the Platformic tool-set enables it to keep its content dynamic and current.

Field Report: Audemat Relio

With IP, dial-up, multi-level multi-user, lots of channel capacity, graphic user interface and graphic programming, the Audemat Relio was just what KUT Radio was looking for in a remote control.

Multicast DHCP

At the rate the radio industry is going, within 10 years the most common audio connection won't be an XLR but an Ethernet RJ-45.

127th AES New Products

127th AES New products from Mackie, Wireworks, Neutrik, Lexicon, DPA Microphones, Sennheiser Electronic, Cakewalk, Audio Precision, Blastwave FX, Hosa Technology, Disc Makers, RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten, Shure and Audio-Technica.

New Products - September 2009

New products from Alesis, Altinex, Behringer, Blue Microphones, Furman Sound, HM Electronics, KRK Systems, L-com Global Connectivity, NKK Switches, Rode, SM Pro Audio, Sontronic and Symetrix.

WNOX Knoxville

Ed Hooper once again sends fantastic pictures of the old days of radio with his new book Knoxville's WNOX.

Broadcast Showing Progress in Internet Revenue

BIA estimates radio and television stations collectively drove approximately $805 million in online dollars, equal to 7.3 percent of the $11 billion local online advertising money spent in 2008.

Currents Headlines from the September 2009 Issue

The online headlines from the September 2009 issue of Radio magazine.

Contributor Pro-File: Brian Urban

This month: Brian Urban Chief Operator; KUT Radio, University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX

September 2009 Advertiser Links

Links to the advertisers in the September 2009 issue of Radio magazine.