September 2010

September 2010

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FM in Cell Phones Back-door Mandate

The NAB and RIAA look to settle the terrestrial radio performance royalty by adding a Congressional mandate.

Folk Alley: On the Road Again

A fan of the popular program on WKSU-FM provided a generous donation so the station could be more visible in the community.

Streaming Audio Ad Insertion

If you already work with streaming media you know the online audience, while not as large as the over-the-air audience, is growing rapidly.

Online Audience Measurement

Ando Media plays a huge role in online audience measurement. Doug Irwin talks to Robert Favre, senior vice president of technology for Ando Media.

The 2010 Radio Show -- A Monumental Event

A new location, a new show. The NAB and RAB partner to produce the fall convention.

2010 Radio Show Products at the Marketplace

A look at some of the products you can expect to see at the 2010 Radio Show Marketplace.

2010 Radio Show Engineering Sessions

Plan your days at The Radio Show with our session details.

Smith Chart Basics

One good working definition of the Smith chart is that it is simply a graphical calculator for normalized impedance and associated RF parameters.

Political Broadcasting -- Election Year Update

With mid-term elections around the corner it's a good time for broadcasters to review their procedures to assure compliance with the FCC's political advertising rules.

Field Report: Allen and Heath XB-14

This mixer looks like a live-sound board, but it has features ideal for an on-air mixer.

Field Report: Arrakis ARC-8

This 10-input, 8-fader console has a USB audio interface built-in.

New Products (Sep 2010)

New products from Acoustical Solutions, AudioScience, Deva Broadcast, Enberg Electronics, Precision Quincy, Tascam, viaRadio and more.

Upgrades and Updates (Sep 2010)

Updates from Studer, Steinberg, Omnia and RCS.

Keeping Racks Cool

Equipment cooling in a rack room should is an important consideration in the room design. But the HVAC is not the only item to consider.

Golden Age Stories

This online radio station that will feature unabridged, multicast audiobooks of pulp fiction short stories and books written by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1930s and 1940s, for free.

Radio Revenue Growth Expected for 2010

The BIA/Kelsey predictions for radio revenue growth have been adjusted slightly upward.

Currents Headlines from the September 2010 Issue

The online headlines from the September 2010 issue of Radio magazine.

Contributor Pro-File: Jememy Ruck

This month: Jeremy Ruck; Senior Engineer; D.L. Markley and Associates; Peoria, IL

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