September 2012

September 2012

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Be Prepared on a Local Level

When a crisis occurs, just having a plan to keep the station on the air isn't enough. Do you have a way to get to the station?

Education Installation: Illinois Center for Broadcasting

The Ohio and Illinois Centers for Broadcasting operate six campuses to provide practical experience in a broadcast facility.

SNMP Around the Station

SNMP is an IP protocol that provides network elements a means by which they can communicate with and/or control one another. Here are ways you can implement it around your station.

AM Tuning Networks

The L network is the simplest of the impedance transformation networks, and is the basis for the more complex T, Pi and other types of networks.

FCC Forfeitures, Fines and Decrees

August in Washington usually means very little rulemaking action at the FCC. With the lawmakers gearing up for a fall busy with FM translator/LPFM matters and spectrum auctions, the enforcement arm of the FCC was in full swing, issuing forfeiture orders and reaching consent decrees on a number of different issues.

2012 Radio Show Product Preview

New products from 25-Seven, Comrex, Enco, Myat and more.

Field Report: BW Broadcast DSPX-AM

KSRM tried this AM processor through a dealer loan and decided to buy it and keep it.

Field Report: iZotope Iris

Iris is a groundbreaking plug-in or standalone program for PC and Mac that allows users to effectively "draw" frequency-specific nuances on an audio sample.

Side by Side: Portable Recorders

There are lots of portable recorders available. We picked five that have XLR inputs or a very high high-quality mic.

Layer 2 Switch Troubleshooting and Setup

More on Layer 2 Ethernet switches. This time we'll look into the setup menu.

John Battison Passes

Battison was the founder of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and for many years was an editor for Radio magazine.

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The online headlines from the September 2012 issue of Radio magazine.

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