September 2013

September 2013

September 2013 cover

Fall Means Conventions

The big spring convention may not be practical, but it's easy to attend a regional convention in the fall.

The Digital Toolbox

Useful tools to aid in installing and maintaining Ethernet networks

Red River Radio

After 28 years in temporary facilities, it was time for an upgrade.

The Vertical Radiator: How it Works

Jeremy Ruck overviews the basics of AM towers.

Reconciliation of AM Tower Protection Rules

The FCC has had a hodge-podge of AM tower protection rules that did not apply to all FCC-regulated services. Now there's an effort to correct that.

Field Report: Tieline Merlin Plus

Cumulus Tucson takes the audio codec for a test run at various remotes.

Applied Technology: StreamOn Smooth Spots

Ad insertion for an online stream doesn't need to be a train wreck of clipped audio segments.

Side by Side: Monitor Amplifiers

Looking for a medium-power power amplifier? Here are some options that might fit your studio.

Subtle Single Points of Failure

Everyone strives for reliable back-up systems, but there might be some traps lying in wait that you haven't considered.

Z100 Celebrates 30 Years

To celebrate, the station presents to fans the "Z100 Time Capsule," an interactive guide to the history of New York City entertainment's most iconic brand.

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The online headlines from the September 2013 issue of Radio magazine.

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