2009 NAB Show New Products

June 1, 2009

AKG C 3000

Condenser mic
C 3000: The C 3000 features a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, low-noise electronics, high-SPL capability and an internal shock mount, which drastically reduces handling noise from mic stands or cables. The switchable 10dB pre-attenuation increase in SPL capability by 10dB and accommodates loud instruments and amplifiers with ease. The switchable first-order 500Hz low frequency filter eliminates the proximity effect for close-miking. The standard accessories are a metal carrying case and a spider-type shock mount.

Orban Optimod-PC 1101

PC-board audio processor/sound card
Optimod-PC 1101: Optimod-PC 1101 has broadcast-quality digital signal processing on-board that's suitable for both live streaming and on-demand programming. Its three on-board Freescale DSP56367 DSP chips provide a loud, consistent sound to the consumer by performing stereo enhancement, automatic gain control (AGC), equalization, multiband gain control, peak-level control and subjective loudness control. Moreover, Optimod-PC is equipped with balanced analog inputs and outputs that can operate at professional +4dBu reference levels while resisting pickup of hum and noise. It is available in two versions-the 1101 is for PCI bus systems and the 1101e is for PCIe (PCI Express). Optimod-PC's audio driver allows it to appear as two standard sound devices to the computer's operating system. This allows netcasters who need to replace selected content (such as commercials in a program originally created for radio broadcast) to do so with only one sound card.

Wideorbit Traffic 5.0

Sales, traffic and billing software
WO Traffic 5.0: With the new 5.0 release, WO Traffic adds significant new functionality, including enhanced, dynamic inventory management with an Inventory Heat Map and Inventory Adjustments, as well as new, innovative support for Alternate Logs. Additionally, WO Traffic 5.0 reveals a new user interface with a fresh, improved look and feel -- unified across all Wideorbit products, including the newly launched WO Sales. WO Traffic is consistently ranked the most recommended sales, traffic and billing software in the industry, based on the Traffic Directors Guild of America (TDGA) independent survey of software satisfaction.

Portable codec
AETA Audio Systems
Scoopy+: Scoopy+ features three mic/line inputs, two headphones, two line outputs, an SD card/SIM card/USB/Express card, is wired for Ethernet, ISDN and POTS, and its mobile features include GSM/UMTS/3G+, Wimax and the forthcoming NGN. It provides simplicity, comfortable operation and autonomy (more than 5 hours from batteries). It also records for high quality transmissions and transmits from everywhere. All network interfaces are integrated.
+33 1 41 36 12 00

AEQ Mar4 Suite Pro

Radio and TV automation system
Mar4 Suite Pro: AEQ launched its first automation system in 1994 and has recently completed the development of its third generation. The new architecture has been built around the Microsoft SQL Server database engine, and incorporates other complementary functions to maximize broadcast and data security. Moreover, many new features have been included, some of which were requested by users, such as a Mix-Editor that lets its users graphically mix sound on the playlist itself, and a multitrack editor.

Superior Electric Stabiline BVR Series

AC voltage regulators
Superior Electric
Stabiline BVR Series: With a new, solid-state step regulating design that eliminates full load carrying transformers and servo-motor control schemes, the BVR is up to 40 percent lighter than other solutions. BVR models are offered in two standard ranges -- narrow and wide to accommodate various installation needs (source stability and critical load requirements) -- as well as site location. The power that must be corrected is greater for wide range units than narrow range units. All models offer individual phase control, NEMA 1 enclosures allow for easy wiring access, it has low audible noise and low added harmonic distortion.

Acoustical Solutions Acoustilight

Fiberoptic acoustical ceiling tiles
Acoustical Solutions
Acoustilight: Acoustilight ceiling tiles are a revolutionary LED plug ‘n play acoustical ceiling tile system that is simple to use and adds magic to any high-end ceiling. With both a drop tile ceiling and direct mount systems, the Acoustilight offers premium acoustics, LED technology, labor savings technology, and sheer beauty to name a few of the benefits you will experience. Features include 1.0 NRC rating, low-voltage light source, and patent pending solid-state Star Engine embedded in every panel.

Digital recorder
Samson Technologies
Zoom R16: This recorder is a digital multi-track recorder, an audio interface and a control surface. With the ability to record up to eight tracks simultaneously, it's easy to capture a live band or even a complete drum kit. The R16 features built-in stereo condenser microphones. It also provides eight balanced combination XLR ¼" inputs. Use the R16 to control each function of your DAW software. Incorporate any of the 100+ built-in studio effects to enhance your recording and use the pro-quality mastering effects to complete that studio sound. You can even connect two R16s via USB for synchronized operation and 16 tracks of simultaneous recording.

APW Mayville Nexnet

Equipment rack
APW Mayville
Nexnet: The Nexnet cabling cabinet is stylish, robust and specifically designed to save installation and maintenance time in the datacenter. Its unique double wish-bone design allows cables to be laid into the cabinet rather than pulled in. With wide radius cable management accessories, 10G and Cat-6 cables are protected during patching to preserve your systems performance. Currently available with 42U spaces in 24" and 32" widths and 24", 32", and 40" depths, it is uniquely designed for the datacenter.

Musicam USA Mic

Dual microphone pre-amplifier
Musicam USA
Mic: The Musicam USA Mic is a professional solution for all applications in which a microphone input is not available or is of insufficient quality. Cost and space constraints often compromise the performance of pre-amplifiers fitted to inexpensive mixing desks, portable digital recorders and PC soundcards. External microphone pre-amplification from a Mic can noticeably enhance overall performance, giving a wider range of gain and a reduction of noise levels.

Veneer and laminate acoustical doors
Overly Door
Studio doors: Overly's acoustical wood doors have STC ratings from 41 to 49. Wood doors are provided with metal framing systems and are intended for interior use only. Unique manufacturing methods and patent pending designs make for a light weight and higher STC rating. The doors are available in a wide array of finishes. Choose from a variety of cuts and wood species, such as rift cut red oak or plain sliced maple. There are many combinations available. Contact the factory for selection sheets or veneer samples.

Automation system
Xtreme-Complete: Xtreme-Complete is a radio station in a box. On air, production, scheduling and logging can be performed at the same time on this workstation. No additional hardware or software is required. An Xtreme-Complete workstation is used for each on air channel in a facility. As an example, an AM-FM requires two workstations. For the other studios in the station such as traffic, production, and news, Arrakis can supply a preconfigured Dell PC or the customer can supply their own PC. Xtreme fully supports all types of on air operation: live, live assist, hard disk automation and satellite automation. The Xtreme automation system features dual audio outputs for program and cue. Up to four audio streams can be mixed to program while cueing.

Yellowtec PUC2

Modular USB-powered sound card
PUC2: PUC2 is a professional USB-powered soundcard with digital and analog audio interfaces. It combines failsafe installation with a new modular design. It still features PUC'n'Play technology while improving audio quality to deliver up to 24-bit/192kHz. AES-3 is the standard interface of every PUC2 soundcard. The modular design enables delivery of varying interfaces for the back. The analog line input/output module provides professional levels +15/+18dBu full scale. The microphone input module with 48V phantom power and up to 60dB gain dissolves the need for additional mic preamp equipment.
+49 2173-967 30

JK Audio Remote Amp Three

Portable headphone amplifier
JK Audio
Remote Amp Three: Remote Amp Three provides a listen-only connection for IFB or full bandwidth audio monitoring. The XLR line level input accepts either a balanced mono signal or a one or two channel party-line intercom feed. The XLR source switch selects between balanced input and intercom monitoring. The intercom mode allows Remote Amp Three to work with one or two channel intercom systems and provides separate volume controls for each channel. The integrated speaker is disabled when headphones or earphones are connected. The ½W, ¼" headphone jack will cut through any crowd noise without distortion. Connect a mono IFB earpiece or stereo headphones to the 3.5mm earpiece jack. Remote Amp Three is powered by one 9V alkaline battery. If intercom power is available on either pin 2 or 3 of the XLR jack, this power will automatically override the battery, but will not charge the battery.

Audio-Technica ATH-M35

Dynamic stereo monitor headphones
ATH-M35: Employing the company's latest transducer technology, the ATH-M35's offer sonic accuracy in a design engineered to provide comfort for hours of listening. Key features include a foldable design for easy storage and a rugged storage pouch, enhancing the headphones' durability and lifespan. The ATH-M35's have a low-profile, closed-back design, providing clarity and isolation in high-volume listening situations. The headphones feature a neodymium magnet structure and have a frequency response of 20-20kHz.

TRE add-on
Broadcast Electronics
Twitter Plug-in: The Twitter plug-in for BE's The Radio Experience (TRE) data management system takes advantage of social networking to build online communities and connect stations to listeners on a whole new level. With this plug-in and through the Twitter.com micro blog site, stations can broadcast “tweets” of contests and song and weather information to listeners on their cell phones or desktops. Listeners also can tweet their favorite station with song requests and send micro blogs of events in real time as an interactive participant in the station's social network. The Twitter application is a first in the industry, and is available as an add-on option for new as well as existing TRE systems in the field.

Audio Science ASI54xx Series

PCI Cobranet sound cards
Audio Science
ASI54xx Series: The ASI5402, ASI5408 and ASI5416 are professional PCI sound cards designed for use in the installed sound and entertainment markets. Using Cirrus Logic's Cobranet technology for streaming audio over Ethernet, the ASI5402 provides two channels of Cobranet receive and transmit, the ASI5408 provides eight channels of Cobranet receive and transmit, and the ASI5416 provides 16 channels of Cobranet receive and transmit. These sound cards can be connected to any CobraNet compliant device.

Omnia Audio Omnia A/XE

Audio encoding
Omnia Audio
Omnia A/XE: The next generation of PC-based audio processing software, the A/XE can process audio for a variety of applications. It runs silently as a background service, can be fully-managed and configured remotely with a Web browser, and can process and encode multiple streams in various formats simultaneously. Minimum computer requirements are Windows XP or later, 521MB RAM, 20MB free hard-drive space and a network card. It can encode directly to MP3 or AAC as well as feed a Shoutcast-style or Windows Media Server in the MP3 format, or feed Adobe Media server an AAC stream.

On-air phone interface
Broadcast Bionics
Anywhere: You already have listeners who stream your station through their computer via the Internet. How do you ensure that your talk show still gets live contributions from those listeners? Anywhere is an amazing new Web communications platform designed especially for radio stations allowing listeners to communicate with the studio from any computer. By using the Anywhere portal on your website, one click connects them to your studio, and allows them to speak and share video using a webcam, chat with the studio using instant messaging, register opinions for a track and agree or disagree with a discussion all using a simple click of their mouse. A simple registration process captures all the listener information you need in the studio to be able to pre-screen contributions and even a photo, and using instant messaging, the studio call screener can continue to assess suitability to progress the call to air.
+44 1444 473999

Equipment racks
XMF and XSF: Part of a series of equipment racks that also includes the XME and XMER models, these racks are engineered for flexibility in system configuration while also facilitating cable installation and management. XSF racks are designed for ganged installations, while the XMF can be used stand-alone or ganged. The welded steel frames are available in up to 26 heights and up to four depths. The Belden Quick Mount System accommodates flexible, fast and easy cable routing. Optional components include reversible doors, riser bases, side and top panels, spacing panels, EIA rail kits, drawers and front-mount work surfaces. Accessories include shelving, mounting devices, cable-tie mounts and other cable management support options. Door options include perforated, solid glass and vented doors, and a variety of top-panel options can provide passive convective cooling.

Auralex Acoustics Sonic Print by Eric Waugh

Original art panels
Auralex Acoustics
Sonic Print by Eric Waugh: Auralex has partnered with independent artists, such as Eric Waugh, whose artistic themes embrace the excitement and energy of urban life, romance, music, pets and still life. Sonic Print custom-printed, artistic Pro Panels are fabric-covered acoustic absorptive panels designed as artwork. Users are no longer limited to single color fabric choices, and can now outfit any space with paintings, drawings and photography of any kind. Auralex is currently negotiating several licensed properties to provide additional graphic options.
317-842-2600 www.auralex.com

High voltage detector
Wireless Sigalarm: This detector features a detection frequency of 50-60Hz and four working states. Alarm levels include: normal (no alarm); caution (high voltage detected at safety distance, audible visible alarm); warning (high voltage detected at dangerous distance, audible and visible alarm plus relay contact outputs); and no data (there is not connectivity between sensor and main unit, audible and visible alarm). The sensitivity is adjustable; it features a built-in buzzer and external speaker. Up to four remote sensors can be accommodated, and it has relay switched outputs for external control and alert devices.
407-688 2806

Signal switcher
AB-8: The AB8 is an 8-channel, balanced, bidirectional signal switcher (1 in/2 out, or 2 in/1 out). It auto-senses loss of input on its eight primary inputs and automatically switches to secondary inputs for backup in live tracking applications. The switcher can also be used manually to switch between inputs and outputs when multi-tracking in a studio. Channels can be switched individually or globally and AB8 units can be master/slaved for switching large numbers of channels.

FM transmitter
FM Series: This new product line has been designed to replace the existing 1KW to 10kW FM transmitter line. The new 3RU power amplifiers are more space efficient, producing 1kW instead of 500W. It is composed of easily interchangeable modules that are hot swappable. Each module is redundant and includes two MOSFETs with an independent power supply. The new Ecreso FM transmitter product line can be controlled via an RS-232 local interface or via TCP/IP.
305-249 3110

PTEK Smart Series

Smart Series: These transmitters are small, high-power, hot-pluggable units that can be operated in HD Radio mode with the addition of an exciter and by selecting HD Radio or HD+FM mode on the front panel. Designed for the future of radio, the new Smart Series are feature-rich with tri-mode operation, and housed in a 19" chassis with an easy-to-open front panel for greater accessibility and quick installation. The touch screen control panel allows for ease of switching between main readings such as forward and reflected power, PA voltage and PA current. The built-in Web server provides complete monitoring and control of your system from any location.

Bext LEX 150

LEX 150: The new Lex 150 offers 150W of power. Main features include: direct frequency programmability from front panel; built-in, selectable, very-high separation internal stereo generator and fast audio clipper; USB port (front) for PC connection and two independent RS 485 ports (rear); up to seven presets allowing for back up to multiple stations; built-in, front panel programmable FSK ID keyer by software for auto-ID of translators; telemetry and remote control interface built-in; fast access to programmability, functions and all readings from front panel via user-friendly menu display; proportional auto-foldback of output power in the event of excessive VSWR; adjustable power output from 0 to 150W with soft-start; automatic power control maintaining the output at any pre-set level; and voltage selector for 120 or 230Vac operation.

Signal analyzer
MS2690A: The MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A signal analyzer leads the industry with world-class measurement performance and speed. In the 50Hz to 6GHz-band, it offers best-of-class total level and modulation accuracy, as well as wideband analysis. At frequencies above 3GHz, it supports high-speed and high-accuracy measurements. In addition, superior RF-performance-based FFT analysis over a wide band up to 125MHz, coupled with a vector signal analysis function as well as a digitize function for high-accuracy capture of signal waveforms as digital data, support both R&D of next-generation wireless communications systems and function tests of devices and base stations requiring high performance. Moreover, fast Tx/Rx measurement for each application is made easy by installing the vector signal generator option and analysis software.

Blank panels
Scale-IT: Electrorack's patent-pending Scale-IT blanking panels easily block open rack units in an enclosure. Lightweight, snap-together designs allows users to stock one size panel and quickly scale it to fill rack unit openings of any size. The snap-together, living hinge design creates a seal to prevent airflow leakage between panels. The panels are reusable, so you won't have to worry about cutting panels to the wrong size. All unused rack units at the front of a rack should be filled with blanking panels to prevent unwanted hot exhaust air from re-circulating to the front air intake of the equipment. Failure to utilize blanking panels can lead to increased equipment operating temperatures, which eventually leads to premature failure.

Studer On-Air 2500 Modulo

On-Air 2500 Modulo: This console has separate modules for fader bays and master section, along with a rack-mountable mainframe that houses the power supply and host processing. These modules can be recessed, all cables integrated within the furniture and the mainframe hidden appropriately. The fader strips include a graphical OLED screen, which contains a channel label, level and gain reduction meter and parameter readouts, adjustable via a rotary encoder and two push buttons below the display. The large TFT color touch screen uses Studer's patented Touch'n'Action system, where only the most important functions have hardware control elements in the channel strip, making the operation of the console stress-free.

BTX Max Blox CA-MX35M, CA-MX35

3.5mm solderless connectors
Max Blox CA-MX35M, CA-MX35: Soldering 3.5mm stereo cable mount connectors is solved with the patent-pending CA-MX35M. It is a 3.5mm stereo cable mount male connector that terminates with just a screwdriver and is ideal for use in applications where computer audio or IR control are used. The CA-MX35M consists of a 3.5mm stereo plug with an attached screw terminal block, along with a two-piece, snap-together hood. The rugged connector allows installers to terminate a 3.5mm stereo cable mount plug without the use of a soldering iron, saving both time and money.

Middle Atlantic Products Signal Safe

Multi-length power cords
Middle Atlantic Products
Signal Safe: With these cable options, installers can replace longer standard power cables to eliminate unnecessary cable slack in racks. The cords are now color-coded with a bold blue or red stripe to facilitate circuit identification. All power cords minimize ac magnetic fields, cutting field strength by more than 80 percent. The power cords are available in six lengths from 6" to 48" and sold in packs of 20. They also feature straight or right and left angled plugs to provide more options.

ERI-Electronics Research FM Mask Filter

Sharp tuned IBOC mask filter
ERI-Electronics Research
FM Mask Filter: These sharp-tuned filters allow operation of simulcast analog and digital IBOC system at the higher -10dBc power level without spectral re-growth that exceeds FCC FM Mask requirements. The new filters are based on ERI's 970 and 973 Series FM Filter Cavities and are configured as constant impedance filters with the addition of non-adjacent coupling loops that allow the filters to maintain a very sharply tuned pass band. The filter sets can be configured to handle power level up to 60kW analog, plus 6kW digital. The sets are temperature compensated and can be configured for floor mounting or installed in vertical racks.

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