2010 NAB Show New Products

April 1, 2010

The 2010 NAB Show is upon us, and we have some last looks at what will be shown this year. These are in addition to the full complement of products in the March NAB Extra! You can also find more new convention products in the weekly NAB Insider e-mail newsletter.

And don't forget to look for the Pick Hits on Thursday at the convention. The original technology recognition taps the convention's best new products.

Axia Audio iQ

IP console/routing system
Axia Audio

Booth C146
iQ: The iQ's package includes: a control surface, DSP-based mixing engine, audio I/O, machine-control logic, even a built-in Ethernet switch. Simply connect the control surface to the Core with a single cable, add audio inputs using CAT-5 cable, perform some fast Web-based configuration, and iQ is ready to broadcast. Simple networking lets users daisy-chain up to four iQ Cores without the need for an external Ethernet switch. Or, connect it to an existing Axia IP-audio network with a single Ethernet connection. IQ is fully customizable and scalable. Start with the eight-fader iQ main frame and add expansion frames with more faders and capabilities to suit your studio's needs. Add an optional backup power supply. Add more faders and programmable routing control panels -- there's even a six-fader expansion frame with a built-in controller for the latest Telos talkshow systems.

Audio processor

Booth C751
Digiplexer 2/4 (1 Band): The latest addition to Audemat's Radio All in One range is the one-band version of the Digiplexer 2/4. The range delivers many savings and efficiencies by combining key functions such as audio processing, RBDS encoding, stereo encoding, audio back-up and I/O remote control into a single 1RU chassis. Recognizing that the majority of stations will perform their main audio processing operation at the studio site, the one-band unit has been specifically designed for transmitter site operation. Should a broadcaster's requirements change, the Digiplexer 2/4 can be upgraded from one-band to two- or four-band option by means of a software upgrade.

Wheatstone PC-XY

Software application

Booth C2623
PC-XY: Wheatstone's PC-XY software application is designed to provide complete XY control of a Wheatnet-IP source and destination matrix. The PC-XY application (sold with a site license) installs onto existing PCs; no additional hardware is required. Key features include: 8 programmable hot buttons for frequently needed sources and/or salvos, low overhead on the PC, plus configurable signal visibility. PC-XY is very useful for remote control of signal routing, and when coupled with the Wheatnet-IP audio driver makes a great source selection and monitoring tool.

ATI Group DDA-416/WC106

AES/EBU digital audio DA
ATI Group

Booth C1720
DDA-416/WC106: The Model DDA-416/WC106 is an integrated package containing four 1×4 AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifiers and one 1×6 clock distribution amplifier. Operation of the unit is simple and straightforward, and it is housed in a rugged 2RU enclosure. All audio connections are made directly to the unit's built-in XLR and BNC connectors, and no special breakout cables are required. Signal routing is provided via rear panel accessible DIP switches.

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Samson Auro D412, D415

Active PA speakers
Samson Technologies

Booth C1422
Auro D412, D415: Bridging the gap between fixed installation and portable applications, Samson's Auro active speaker systems are designed to encompass the key elements of power, portability and exceptional sound, the Auro D412 and D415 are lightweight, two-way active speakers that combine superior components and meticulous engineering. Both speakers provide 400W of output power and house a 1.34" compression driver. The D412 employs a 12" extended low-frequency driver while the D415 boasts a 15" low frequency driver for a little extra action on the bottom end. Two oversized carry handles and polypropylene construction make the Auro speakers portable and durable while a 1/4" line input, XLR mic input, volume control and two-band equalizer ensure professional sound capabilities and easy integration into a PA setup.

Broadband switch
ERI-Electronics Research

Booth C2032
Motorized Coaxial Switch: This motorized coaxial switch (broadband 54MHz to 862Mhz) features a precision Geneva drive and operates on any VHF or UHF channel without tuning or modification. This makes it particularly suitable for switching multi-channel television systems and for use in N+1 transmitter systems.

Hosa Technology MHR-422, MHR-425

Microphone clips
Hosa Technology

Booth SL2507
MHR-422, MHR-425: The new Hosa MHR-422 and MHR-425 microphone clips are offered in 22mm and 25mm diameters respectively. These two sizes will readily accept the overwhelming majority of microphones currently available. The MHR-422 is designed for use with dynamic mics while the MHR-425 is designed for wireless mics. They are threaded for U.S. compliance and will fit atop most any microphone stand sold in the United States. Additionally, a European adapter is included. Both models are RoHS compliant.

Audio recorder/editor
VeriCorder Technology

Booth SU9506L
VC Audio Pro: VC Audio Pro is a multitrack sound editor for the iPhone platform. It allows reporters or podcasters to record, edit and send professional-quality audio news clips or full stories from an iPhone with the touch of a finger. Designed for broadcast and podcast applications, this software enables users to record and edit high-fidelity audio into a news story, and send it instantly over Wi-fi or a cellular connection. VC Audio Pro is now available on the App Store and it can also be customized for radio networks and fully integrated into newsroom, media asset management and playout systems.

Sonifex Reference Monitor Meters

Audio meters

Booth C2739
Reference Monitor Meters: There are eight new Reference Monitor Meters, five rack-mounted and three freestanding, each offering high resolution metering of between one and four stereo audio sources. Each stereo source is auto-switching between either analog or digital AES/EBU format with sample rates up to 192kHz accepted. The level of each stereo source is displayed on a pair of bright, multi-colored bar graph meters, with a large choice of accurately modeled scales/responses to suit different applications and local preferences. Five separate LED phase meters indicate channel correlation or phase error conditions, and additional LEDs show digital input lock and audio level alarm status. On the rear panel, open-collector alarm outputs provide hardware indication of audio under-level or silence, audio over-level, sustained phase errors above 90 degrees and digital source lock. All Reference Monitor Meters operate from global mains voltages (85-264Vac, 47-63Hz) without adjustment.

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Yellowtec PUC2

Sound card

Booth C1451
PUC2: PUC2 is a professional USB-powered sound card with digital and analog audio interfaces. It combines failsafe installation with a new modular design. It still features PUC'n'Play technology while improving audio quality to deliver up to 24-bit/192kHz. AES-3 is the standard interface of every PUC2 soundcard. The modular design enables delivery of varying interfaces for the back. The analog line input/output module provides professional levels +15/+18dBu full scale. The microphone input module with 48V phantom power and up to 60dB gain dissolves the need for additional mic preamp equipment.
+49 2173-967 30

IP network card

Booth N2502
Intraplex CM-30: The Intraplex CM-30 allows for the IP conversion of installed Intraplex T1/E1 STL frame products including the STL HD, AudioLink PLUS and Access Server. The module plugs into existing Intraplex multiplexer frames for immediate conversion to IP, providing a large installed base of Intraplex legacy STL users with a seamless and cost-effective upgrade path. It allows Intraplex customers to achieve bandwidth usage and reliability in transport equivalent to T1/E1 but with lower recurring costs. Signal quality and feature sets of existing T1/E1 systems are retained while migrating to lower-cost, high-performance IP networks. Built-in intelligence allows for field conversion in a matter of minutes. The CM-30 is compatible with existing interface cards for audio, voice and data traffic in Intraplex legacy systems. The module can accommodate up to 32 streams and connections in point-to-point unidirectional and bidirectional deployments; and point-to-multipoint unidirectional multicast scenarios.

Broadcast Tools Site Sentinel 16

Web-enabled remote site control
Broadcast Tools

Booth C1451
Site Sentinel 16: Each metering (telemetry), status/logic, stereo silence sensor, temperature sensors, power failure input, along with all relays can be controlled and/or monitored over any IP network. Users can operate the product using a Web browser or Web-enabled mobile device, while e-mail notification may be configured to alert up to four recipients. It is equipped with 16, 12-bit resolution bi-polar 10V metering (telemetry) channels, along with four virtual channels. Each of the 16 optically isolated status/logic channels may be configured for 5 to 24Vdc wet or dry (contact closures) status/logic monitoring. The 16 raise and lower control channels are equipped with independent SPDT one-amp relays and may be controlled via any Web browser and/or user programmable event action (macro's) sequences.

RBDS monitor
Pristine Systems

Booth C3032
RBDS Capture: RBDS Capture is a software plug-in that will monitor and capture RBDS data for black box digital audio logging, monitoring and alert software. It continuously displays and logs up to 16 channels of RBDS data (PS and RT) from FM broadcast stations. RBDS data normally includes station call letters, artist, title, sponsor and other content related messages. The “text alert” is a unique feature that constantly monitors all the RBDS data streams in search of user-defined words. An alert window will pop up and notify users whenever incoming text matches are found.

Tieline Technology G5

STL codec
Tieline Technology

Booth C157
G5: Featuring automatic silence detection, optional dual redundant power supplies and audio network failover solutions, G5 is designed for continuous, solid connections over IP and a variety of other connection transports within broadcast networks. Single power supply versions are also available with optional on-board flash drive storage capability. All connections can be controlled and managed by a Web-based graphic user interface that provides full codec programming functionality and connection diagnostics, with complete remote control. G5 also interfaces with Tie Server, Tieline's Traversal Server system, which facilitates simple IP buddy list dialing of all networked IP codecs, much like Skype or ICQ contact management.

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Neutrik USB/Firewire

Chassis connector

Booth C2336
USB/Firewire: This chassis connector design features a sealing ring and offers optional screen-to-chassis grounding for improved shielding effectiveness. Neutrik's complete USB/FireWire product line, which includes its 2.0 compliant USB A -- USB B Reversible Adapters (NAUSB-W, NAUSB-W-B) and six-pole FireWire adapters (NA1394-6-W, NA1394-6-W-B), is available with either a nickel or black housing. Ideal for audio networking and the integration of computer-based equipment into audio systems, Neutrik's line of USB chassis connectors is designed with its universally accepted D-style housing. Through this latest product introduction, Neutrik offers a solution to the digital interface problems that are typically associated with audio/video networks, IT equipment and digital recording studios.

Musicam MLM

Mic/line limiter
Musicam USA

Booth C11533
MLM: The Musicam USA MLM is a high quality limiter for microphone or mono line limiting applications. The limiter has a complex programmed dependent attack and release time system which is coupled with FET gain reduction to give a clean sound, free of the harshness often associated with VCA based designs.

JK Audio Universal Host

Digital hybrid
JK Audio

Booth C2010
Universal Host: This desktop digital hybrid provides talk-show-quality caller audio from most IP and PBX telephone systems. Universal Host sends mic and line level signals into a telephone while maintaining excellent separation between the voice and the caller. The stereo output jack on the back of the unit provides the send voice on the left channel and only the caller's voice on the right channel. The balanced XLR output jack contains only the caller's voice. The 16-bit USB audio codec allows stereo recording at up to 48kHz sampling rate. Play recordings from a computer directly into the phone system. Universal Host provides connections for a microphone, headphones and mixer. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) continuously monitors both transmit and receive audio signals to deliver separation. This proprietary, dual-convergence echo canceller algorithm can achieve excellent separation without any setup, and without sending a noise burst down the line.

BW Broadcast TX1000

1kW FM transmitter
BW Broadcast

Booth C3034
TX1000: The TX1000 features high efficiency, an innovative cooling scheme and fault detection/protection circuitry for temperature and VSWR. Its architecture includes gold-clamp transistor technology, along with a slide-in power supply. The TX1000 complies with all applicable CE, FCC and EU regulations and has a universal power input.

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Tascam US-800

Audio interface

Booth SL1717
US-800: The US-800, a lightweight, multichannel recording interface for laptop users, offers eight inputs and four outputs for capturing dynamic multi-mic performances. Six XLR microphone inputs each have phantom power for attaching condenser microphones, and premium 192kHz/24-bit audio converters record every detail. The US-800 includes S/PDIF digital audio in and out as well as MIDI in and out for linking to a studio. The package is ideal for mobile or desktop recording.

Audio processor

Booth C1657
Optimod-FM 8600: The 8600's dramatically improved peak limiter technology decreases distortion while increasing transient punch and high frequency power handling capacity. Compared to the FM-channel peak limiter in Optimod-FM 8500, the new peak limiter typically provides 2.5 to 3dB more power at high frequencies, which minimizes audible HF loss caused by pre-emphasis limiting. While this design offers about the same loudness as 8500 processing, its main goal is to make FM analog broadcasts more competitive with the cleanliness, punch and open high frequencies of the digital media against which FM analog transmissions now battle. In addition to the new clipper, the 8600 offers the same extensive feature set as the 8500. Except for the AGC, the analog FM and digital radio channels are independent and separately adjustable. The digital radio channel features a new peak limiter that uses some of the same new technology as the peak limiter in the FM analog processing channel.

Digital Alert Systems DASDEC-IR

Intelligent Remote package
Digital Alert Systems

Booth C3651
DASDEC-IR: For broadcasters who are multicasting more than one channel from just one location, DASDEC-IR offers a single platform for distributing and monitoring EAS messages on up to five stations -- whether they originate from the same building, same state, or across the nation. By eliminating the need for an encoder/decoder set dedicated to each station, DASDEC-IR helps broadcasters conserve resources while ensuring that equipment upgrades and FCC regulation compliance are more simple and efficient than ever before. The system combines the DASDEC-II system with the company's MultiStation software to support simultaneous or sequential forwarding of emergency alerts to all channels. The capacity to select sequential forwarding gives broadcasters the ability to schedule the alert to air on each channel at an appropriate time, without interrupting critical programs.

Netia Digital Audio Radio-Assist 8 Enhancements

Software modules
Netia Digital Audio

Booth SU3502
Radio-Assist 8 Enhancements: CamDirector, a new Radio-Assist module, brings direct camera control and automated video switching to the company's Radio-Assist 8 suite of digital audio automation software. With this capability, radio broadcasters can create live, switched programs for broadcast, streaming or podcast. Using automatic voice detection, CamDirector enables complete automation of the production of in-studio interviews and special on-set events by triggering the switching of cameras according to the speaker and microphone currently in use. Radio Assist 8 also now incorporates Workflow Engine, designed to allow media companies to choreograph their own workflow easily. Workflow Engine facilitates and harmonizes exchanges between all existing applications found in a broadcast environment.

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