2011 Product Source - Products

August 2, 2011

Looking for new technology? Look to the 2011 Product Source from Radio magazine. Here's the index of products from this year's supplement. Access the issue index for products from the special sections.

AEQ Forum

Compact digital audio console

Armstrong Transmitter TRX-HD series

Analog, digital translator

Arrakis AARC-NET

Radio console network

AudioScience Connect CobraNet

Network audio interfaces

BSI Unveils Op-X Automation

Designed for intuitive operator interface and ease of maintenance, Op-X will debut at the 2008 NAB Show.

BW Broadcast Aptus

FM transmitters

CBT Systems Value, Style

On-air lights

Continental Electronics 802E, 802Ex

Digital FM/HD Radio exciter

Coaxial Dynamics 81094

Advanced Wattchman monitor/alarm

Dayton Industrial Corp AF630

Weather receiver

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Ecreso Helios NextGen

Digital series FM transmitters

Enco Systems enCaption 2.0

Captioning solution

Eventide BD600E

Obscenity delay

Fostex America PM0.5n

Studio monitors

Gorman-Redlich CAP-DEC 1

CAP-to-EAS decoder system

Graham Studios Radius Curve

Studio furniture

Henry Engineering SAM

Stereo audio monitor

Intrinsic Net Studio Hawk.8

Audio/EAS monitor

JK Audio Guest Modules

Telco control surface

K-Sun Green Machine

Eco-friendly labeling

Lawo Nova29

MADI router

L-com Global Connectivity TRD815RA

Right-angle RJ45 cable

Logitek Pilot

Mixing control surface

Lynx Studio Technology LT-USB

USB 2.0 LSlot interface

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Monroe Electronics One-Net


Mooretronix Used equipment dealer

Equipment sales and service

Nott Ltd. Copperweld

Grounding wire

Olens Technology MiCorder

Digital MP3 recorder

OMB America RDS 5000

RBDS subcarrier generator

Omnirax Phoenix Line

Broadcast furniture

Radio Systems Millenium Console Platform

Ethernet control surface

Ramsey Electronics PXB Series

50W FM station in a box

RF Parts Online catalog

RF components listings

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RF Software RF Investigator v3

Field strength program

Sabre Towers

Tower manufacturer/installer

Sage Alerting Digital Endec

EAS encoder/decoder

Sandies Warning lights

On-air warning lights

Sonifex CM-TBU, CM-TLL

Line-powered telephone units

Stewart Audio AV100

Power amplifier

Vorsis AirAura

FM+HD audio processor

VSAT Systems IPReady

IP link for IPAWS

V-Soft Communications XField

Relocation software

Wheatstone Razor Blade

Audio network interface

WideOrbit WO Traffic 6.5

Trafficking software

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