2012 Product Source - Products

August 2, 2012

Looking for new technology? Look to the 2012 Product Source from Radio magazine. Here's the index of products from this year's supplement. Access the issue index for products from the special sections.

2012 Product Source

The Radio magazine annual compendium of new products, including the Radio magazine Pick Hits and special sections highlighting remotes, production and more.

acouStaCorp acouStac

Motorized variable acoustics banner

Adobe Systems Creative Cloud

Creative sharing hub

AKG Project Studio Line

Relaunched mic line

Altinex TNP512

Interconnect box

Aphex Audio Xciter

iPhone processing app

Armstrong Transmitter TRX-HD series

Analog, digital translator

Arrakis ARC-15

Broadcast console

Array Solutions VNA 2180

Vector network analyzer

Audix f50CBL, f50SCBL

Handheld mic with cable

Aural Sonic Aural Sonic

Acoustic panels

Auralex Acoustics ProMAX Panels

Portable StudioFoam absorbers

Barix Instreamer

IP audio distribution

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Belar FMHD-1 with WizWin Software

Precision Digital FM/HD stereo monitor/analyzer

Bird Technologies Group 7020 Series

Bird Technologies Group 7020 Series

Broadcast Devices DPS-100D

Digital RF power meter

Broadcast Electronics DJ Wall

Interactive social message tool

Broadcast Software International Op-X

Studio automation system

Broadcast Tools AES Switcher Sentinel 4 Web

Remote digital audio switcher

Burk Technology Plus-X EM Series

Environmental monitors

Circuitwerkes SiteSentry2

Two-channel remote and monitor

Continental Electronics 802E, 802Ex

Digital FM/HD Radio exciter

DaySequerra M4FM-HD

DSP-based radio receiver

Digital Alert Systems R198

Multichannel AES switch/converter

Ecreso Helios FM 350W


Elenos Indium Series

Solid-state transmitters

- Continued on page 3

Enco Systems Enoc1

Automation system

ESE ES-210

Quad 1x6 1/5/10MHz distribution amplifier

Gefen ToolBox Mini PACS

Automation control system

Gepco International TactiFlex

Flexible, ruggedized fiber optic cable

Graham Studios Radius Curve

Studio furniture

Logitek ROC

Console surface

MusicMaster Version 5

Scheduling software

MXL Microphones FR-310

Hot shoe shotgun mic

OMB America RDS 5000

RBDS subcarrier generator

Omnia Audio Omnia.11 FM

Audio processor

Presonus Audio Electronics Studio One Free

Digital audio workstation

- Continued on page 4

PTEK Radio Station in a Box (RIAB)

Remote broadcast kit

Ramsey Electronics PXB Series

50W FM station in a box

Sandies Warning lights

On-air warning lights

Sierra Automated Systems Router Control Panels

Updated 32KD and RIO controllers

Singular Software PluralEyes 3.0

Audio/video synchronizer

Sonifex Pro Audio Streamers

IP-to-audio/audio-to-IP streamers

Sony Creative Software SpectraLayers

Audio editing software

Vocalbooth.com VB Mobile Studio

Mobile recording studio

V-Soft Communications Probe 4

Terrain analysis software

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