A chance for radio to shine -- NAB Radio 2002

August 1, 2002

The NAB Radio Show allows the radio industry the opportunity to shine on its own without being lost in the shadows of other media segments. Its core focus is on delivering audio entertainment to a mass audience. However, the event goes beyond the borders of traditional radio by integrating information about non-traditional radio topics, such as streaming and a station's online presence.

The event returns to Seattle this year, which was a successful location for the convention four years ago. Discussions before the show always speculate as to the success of the event, but the true measure of a show's success must be measured by the individual attendee.

The sessions and show floor offer something for almost everyone at the station. BE Radio's NAB Radio Show preview provides plenty of useful information to help you get the most from the convention.

Insight on sessions

By Chriss Scherer, editor

The NAB Radio Show continues to carry the misconception that it is only a sales and programming convention. The reality is that there are three full days of technical sessions. Unfortunately, the complete schedule does not appear in all the promotional materials for the show, making it difficult for engineers to show their managers that attending the convention is important for the technical staff as well.

In addition to the technical program, there are other sessions in the management track that cover radio technology. Between the exhibit floor and the sessions, attendees will have plenty to do to keep busy for three days.

Technically speaking

The Technical Workshops concentrate on radio transmission for analog and IBOC digital systems. Each full-day workshop features speakers who are recognized as experts in their field. The sessions provide practical and theoretical information that should help attendees improve their stations today and prepare for the changes tomorrow. Workshop attendees also receive a certificate signifying their attendance. Attendance may also be used to earn SBE recertification points.

Workshop Schedule

Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
AM/FM Antenna Certification Workshop

AM Session Description: The first part of the workshop will cover the RF components of AM directional antenna systems, bandwidth optimization concepts for AM transmission, keeping an AM directional antenna system in good repair and tactical troubleshooting for AM directional antennas.

AM Segment Presenters: Ron Rackley, vice president, du Treil, Lundin and Rackley; Benjamin Dawson, president, Hatfield and Dawson.

FM Session Description: The two parts of this segment are FM Antenna System Design and Implementation Basics, which addresses antenna-bay spacing, array factors and array-factor design, terrain effects, cavity filter systems and directional antenna pattern development and design criteria; and FM Antenna Maintenance, which will focus on antenna inspection requirements, antenna repair, tower access plans, the effects of tower movement on antenna performance and antenna lifetime, FM signal strength measurements and RFR measurements.

FM Segment Presenters: Tom Silliman, president, Electronics Research Inc.; Bob Surette, manager RF engineering, Shively Labs.

Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Digital Radio Certification Workshop

Session Description: Produced in cooperation with Ibiquity Digital, this workshop will highlight the status, station benefits, implementation and latest cost information about IBOC. Presenters include representatives of companies that offer IBOC equipment. They will discuss options and estimated costs of transition.

Presenters: Ibiquity Digital Rollout Strategy and Status, Scott Stull, director, broadcast business development, Ibiquity Development, Field Testing and Regulatory Update Glynn Walden, vice president broadcast engineering, Ibiquity

Wireless Data Business Opportunities Pat Walsh, vice president wireless data business development, Ibiquity

Wireless Data Opportunities in a Mobile Environment Bill Whikehart, senior technical specialist, Visteon Tom Wroblewski, strategy and implementation engineer, Lincoln Mercury Engineering

Manufacturer Implementation Panel I Moderator: Jeff Detweiler, Ibiquity Panelists: Eric Wandel, ERI; Bill Gould, Harris/Intraplex

Manufacturer Implementation Panel II Moderator: Jeff Detweiler, Ibiquity Panelists: Bob Surette, Shively; Dave Chancey, Moseley

Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
AM/FM Transmitter Certification Workshop

Session Description: This three-part workshop focuses on maintenance issues at the transmitter site. The session workbook is a reference that can be used long after the session. The workshop will also feature a session on preparing a transmitter site for IBOC.

Basic Troubleshooting will concentrate on diagnosing practical transmitter problems and developing a logical strategy to correct these problems.

A Discussion With the Transmitter Manufacturers is an opportunity for attendees to talk with representatives from several transmitter manufacturers. This interactive session offers a chance to learn about various transmitter manufacturers' design approaches and recommended maintenance and troubleshooting suggestions on specific transmitter models.

Living Through the Nightmare-You're Off the Air will be a discussion of some real off-air experiences. Attendees will learn how other stations made it through the experience and what lessons were learned from it.

Instructor: John Bisset, Harris

Still more to do

Outside the technical workshops, several sessions cover topics that may appeal to BE Radio readers.

2 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

FCC Rule Enforcement

An update on rule changes and common violations

2 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

WWW: What's With Our Website?

A look at website strategies and profit plans

10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

The FCC's Audio Service DivisionSpeaks

Covers issues of FM allotments, new filing requirements and more

3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Radio Station Streaming

Looks at sound recording royalties, music licensing fees and substitutions

4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Satellite Radio: Us vs. Them

Provides insight into the satellite broadcasters and what stations can do to stay competitive

9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.

IBOC Rollout — Across TheIndustries

IBOC implementation from the retailers' and broadcasters' perpectives

10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Internet Study IX

The results of the latest Arbitron/Edison Media Research study

Andanother thing

If the sessions and exhibits aren't enough to keep attendees busy, the convention will also hold the Radio Opening Reception on the exhibit-hall floor on Sept.12 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., The FCC Policymakers' Breakfast on Sept. 13 from 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m., and the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Reception, Dinner and Show on Sept. 14. The reception begins at 6 p.m., dinner and the show begin at 7 p.m.

Out and about

By Kari Taylor, associate editor

If you have some spare time while visiting Seattle for the NAB Radio Show, take a look around the city. Here are of some points of interest that might pique your curiosity:

The Space Needle at the Seattle Center is the recognized symbol of Seattle. The tower stands 605 feet (184 meters) tall and boasts fabulous views of Puget Sound, Mount Rainier, the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges and, of course, the actual city itself. Built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, the Space Needle celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Eat dinner at the revolving restaurant, SkyCity, or visit the observation deck, which is 520 feet (52 stories) high. The Observation Deck is open daily from 8 a.m. to midnight and a ticket costs $12 for adults. Visit www.spaceneedle.com for more information.

South of the Seattle Center is the Seattle Waterfront on Elliott Bay. This used to be the last stop in the states for gold prospectors heading to Alaska. Now, it is a good place to ride a trolley or eat some fish and chips. The Waterfront is also where you will find the Seattle Aquarium and the Omnidome Theater. Washington State Ferries also depart from the Seattle Waterfront carrying passengers and cars to Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Peninsula. Cruises to Victoria, British Columbia, also leave from the Seattle waterfront. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even go parasailing here.

Pioneer Square is home to many of Seattle's art galleries, eateries and Web development companies. Pioneer Square is rich in history so take the Underground Tour that visits the sunken storefronts of what was ground-level Pioneer Square before the Great Fire of 1889. Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park is a small museum that recounts a time a century ago when gold-seekers came to Pioneer Square on their way to the Yukon. This historic district becomes an entertainment district after dark. But when the sports fans and the club crowds depart, Pioneer Square is a good place to shop, especially for books.

Speaking of sports, don't forget the NFL football season will have started so you can always watch the Seattle Seahawks play Arizona on Sept. 15. Beginning in 2002, Seahawks football will be played in a new stadium, designed with a 67,000-seat capacity and a roof that covers 70 percent of the seating area. Buy your tickets now — if they are not already sold out.

NAB Radio Show Exhibitors
615 Music Library 619
Advertising Edge 428
AKG Acoustics 523
Andrew 916
Arbitron 405
Armstrong Transmitter 319
Audioarts Engineering 1025
Auditronics 1025
BE Radio Magazine 102
BIA Financial Network 810
BMI 919
Broadcast Electronics 616
Burk Technology 216
CGA 910
Coaxial Dynamics 912
Communication Graphics 514
Computer Concepts 510
Comrex 526
Dalet 806
Dielectric Communications 807
DMarc Networks 331
Enco Systems 225
Energy-Onix 327
Envoy Productions 427
ERI-Electronics Research 809
EWeather 201
FamilyNet 915
First MediaWorks 109
FirstCom Music 512
Gepco International 323
Harris 605
Ibiquity Digital 732
Inovonics 220
Intl. Communications Products 532
Jampro Antennas/RF Systems 1015
KD Kanopy 702
Keystone Studio 106
LakeSoft 832
Larcan USA 425
Logitek Electronic Systems 332
LPB 900
LR Enterprises 635
Marketron 825
Media Professional Insurance 423B
Mediatouch 1019
Miller, Kaplan, Arase 913
MobilSign 1039
Moseley Associates 300
Musicam USA 315
Nassau Media Partners 525
NRSC 922
National Weather Service 631
Nautel 925
NPR Satellite Services 520
Olympus Flag and Banner 326
OMB 920
Orban/CRL 611
Pinnacle Media Management 424
Powergold Software 819
Primedia Business 102
Propagation Systems 1013
Prophet Systems Innovations 206
Radio Express 917
RadioSoft 536
RCS 624
Roll a Sign 1011
Royal & SunAlliance 423A
Rules Service Company 534
S.W.R. 328
Salem Radio Network 202
SCA Promotions 905
Scott Studios 801
Shively Labs 613
Sierra Automated Systems 815
Smoke and Mirrors 219
SpaceCom Systems 909
Staco Energy Products 432
Stardraw.com 531
Stratos Global 527
StreamingHand Service 535
Studer 431
Superior Electric 931
The Album Network 935
The Media Audit 632
Tieline America 836
U.S. Air Force Advertising 215
U.S. Tape & Label 609
V-Soft Communications 400
Valcom Limited 921
VMS Voice Trak 324
Wheatstone 1025
Wicks Broadcast Solutions 415
World Division 621

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