Altinex TNP128, TNP128C

March 23, 2012

Interconnect boxes
As an easy-to-use tabletop interconnect box, the Altinex TNP128 is ahighly functional tool for facilitating power, Internet/network access, plus audio and video connections for a laptop computer. The standard TNP128 provides a single input plate with HDMI, VGA, Network (RJ-45), and computer/MP3 audio (3.5mm) input connections in 6' lengths. It also provides an ac power connection in 9' to 10'lengths. The TNP128C is highly customizable, with more than 27 different connector options, including USB, S-Video, RCA, BNC and more. Each connector comes with a 6' cable and is terminated appropriately for quick connections to an A/V system (wall plate, floor plate, etc.).

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