American Radio Relay League The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications

August 2, 2010

ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications

RF engineering reference

The fields of radio and electronics are constantly evolving, and no other publication provides as accurate a snapshot of the state of the art as The ARRL Handbook. Dozens of contributing experts and technical editors have helped fill these pages. Clear and thorough explanations cover nearly every aspect of radio and antenna design, equipment construction, and station assembly. New projects include: Antenna projects, including a low-band quad, delta loops, coaxial dipoles for VHF or UHF, and a skeleton slot for 14-30MHz; new material on power supply polarity protection circuits; 144MHz band-pass filter for reducing harmonics; updated Pebble Crusher QRP transmitter construction project; and design software on a fully searchable CD-ROM.

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