Audioarts Engineering Air-3

June 1, 2010

Radio console
The table-mount Air-3 provides 12 stereo input fader channels (with both A and B inputs on each channel), 13th phone caller fader w/TB and auto MXM to caller, remote start logic for each fader, two premium mic preamps, two program buses with balanced outputs (switchable stereo or mono mode), a control room monitor, split cue, a built-in cue speaker, studio output with independent source selection and CR to studio TB button and an external input that feeds the monitor section (for live air or pre-delay air monitoring). Its USB connection is patchable to any input faders and internally dip-switchable to pick up program 1 or program 2 output mixes. This lets the Air-3 interface with a desktop computer for news and music sweetening functions, or to stream audio mixes from and to the console. RJ-45 connectors keep wiring simple and inexpensive.

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