Axia Audio xNodes

April 24, 2012

AoIP interface
Axia xNodes are a family of audio interfaces that convert traditional analog and digital audio signals into the Livewire IP-audio streams used by Axia AoIP networks. xNodes can configure themselves, fit in 1RU with optional wall-mount kits, feature fanless power supplies and consume 14W of power. They can also draw power over Ethernet from a network switch or the power injector included. They also feature dual Livewire ports and a redundant power plan, work with both stereo and mono signals, have RJ-45 ports for each I/O and locking DB-25 connectors. There are five models available.

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What the Pick Hits judges had to say:
"The smaller size node and the greater assortment of connection options is great."
"These are a good bridge to the broader IP audio network."

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