Barix Extends Feature Set for Reflector Service

March 16, 2011

Zurich, Switzerland - Mar 16, 2011 - Barix has updated its Reflector Service for STL, syndication and remote contribution aimed at simplifying integration within existing broadcast infrastructures. The Reflector Service simplifies the setup of audio transport connections by removing the need for specialist knowledge.

Hosted by Barix partner StreamGuys, the application serves as an online center to configure and monitor the audio transport bridge while providing a straightforward relay of the audio feed. The Reflector Service is paired with Barix Audio over IP hardware at the send and receive points, creating a plug-and-play installation.

Barix has added a host of new features to extend the service:

  • Tunneling of encoder inputs through to decoder relay outputs
  • Ability to flag stream loss on local encoder and decoder output relays
  • Automatic failover to locally stored content at decoder
  • Automatic generation of e-mail alerts
  • Improved performance with lower bandwidth connections
  • Modifications for tuning system performance and resilience

    The Barix Reflector firmware comes pre-loaded on the currently shipping Exstreamer 500 and Exstreamer 1000 audio over IP devices for broadcasters. In addition to standard STL connections for program audio transport, broadcasters and service providers can use the Reflector Service for syndication and remote contribution.

    Individual stations, broadcasters and small networks that wish to host the service themselves can request the Reflector Service framework instead of using the hosted service option.

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