Dayton Industrial Corp AF630

August 2, 2010

Weather receiver

A NOAA weather receiver housed in a 1RU chassis, this receiver offers a front panel that has a built-in monitor speaker with volume control. There are two 10-segment LED indicators, one for the modulation level indication and the other to indicate received signal level. The receiver has tone detector circuitry for the alarm circuit with front-panel indicator, test and reset controls. Rear- panel outputs are Line (RCA), SPKR (RCA), Relay (DIN) and balanced output (DIN). Input power is derived from a 12Vdc wall-mount converter. The receiver is phase lock loop controlled with the frequency of operation selected using an internal three-position DIP switch. A continuous receiver LINE audio output is provided. The SPKR output audio is controlled automatically by a tone detector circuit that monitors the receiver audio for the presence of a 1050Hz tone signal.

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