Digital Radio Update - Apr 6, 2011

April 6, 2011

Digital Radio Update

Hong Kong grants DAB+ licenses, DAB+ listening up Down Under, Ford standardizes DAB in UK line, Google trend for HD Radio down and launches anew.


Hong Kong Grants DAB+ Licenses

New 12-year licenses have been granted to three broadcast firms to construct and operate a DAB+ multiplex network designed to serve the territories of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR).

CRA: DAB+ Listening up Down Under

CEO Joan Warner notes that much work remains in the near term to increase retail availability and variety of receivers, build urban listening numbers, and implement regional DAB+ network rollouts.


Ford to Standardize DAB Radios Throughout UK Product Line by Late 2012

Leading the way will be new models of the popular Ford Focus, now being delivered with standard DAB.

Google Trend Line for HD Radio less than Giddy

HD Radio searches peaked in 2007 and have declined by nearly two third since that time.

IBOC Across America

IBOC By State: Idaho (April 2011)

There are 8 stations in the Gem State broadcasting 13 HD Radio channels.


New Debuts

The site's re-launch reflects an increased emphasis on user-friendly content and social media marketing.

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