Digital Radio Update - April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010

Digital Radio Update

AM operators get IBOC digital options, Digital Economy Bill changes British radio, a portable receiver combines HD Radio and Mobile DTV, iBiquity shows Active Radio EAS and FM HD Radio reaches maintstream at the 2010 NAB Show.


AM Operators Now Have IBOC Digital Options

IBiquity's new modified MA1 specification allows broadcasters to sacrifice a degree of digital throughput in exchange for a somewhat higher analog bandwidth and a commensurate noise-floor reduction in analog receivers.

Adoption of Digital Economy Bill Means Change for British Radio

The legislation includes six specific provisions designed to facilitate a transition to DAB-only for the BBC as well as larger commercial channels, while improving the lot of smaller regional and community stations, expected to remain on analog FM indefinitely.


New Portable Receiver Combines HD Radio, Mobile DTV

The device utilizes a compact HD Radio module as well as Radio Shack's Gigaware iPod accessory.

IBOC Across America

IBOC by State: North Carolina (April 2010)

There are 66 stations in the Old North State broadcasting 108 HD Radio channels.

Eye on IBOC

FM HD Radio Achieves Mainstream Feel at 2010 NAB Show

HD Radio has become more of a fixture than a question mark, at least on FM.


Ibiquity Demonstrates Active Radio EAS

The technology provides continuous monitoring regardless of the device being turned on or off.

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