Digital Radio Update - August 5, 2009

August 5, 2009

Digital Radio Update

DAB makes headlines in Austalia and Germany, NPR releases an IBOC power calculator tool, and HD Radio EPG field trials begin in Boston.


One Town Calls to Jam DAB+ Down Under

Australian Community calls for digital radio signals from nearby radio market to be blocked.

KEF Slams Door on DAB+ Funding in Germany

German agency refuses to fund DAB+ rollout without consensus from broadcasters

IBOC Across America

IBOC by State: Wyoming (Aug 2009)

There are 18 stations in the Equality State broadcasting 26 HD Radio channels.

Eye on IBOC

NPR Lab Publishes IBOC Power Increase Calculator

NPR makes look-up database for determining non-interfering levels of U.S. FM IBOC power increases available to the public.

Field Trials Plumb the Potential (and Problems) of HD Radio EPGs

Field trials commence in S.E. England for development of HD Radio electronic program guides.

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