Digital Radio Update - Feb 2, 2011

February 2, 2011

Digital Radio Update

A report addresses the impact of digital radio in Latin America, a new DAB add-on for iPhone 4 looks built-in, Toyota adds Entune HD Radio, Cydle portable player with HD may ship soon, and Frontier presents Venice 9.


DRM and Broadcast Australia co-sponsor ABU Digital Broadcast Symposium

This year's event, entitled "Adding the 3rd Dimension," is the seventh in a series of annual symposiums staged by the ABU.

Digital Radio Summit Slated in Geneva

The event is designed to bring together broadcasters, industry representatives and operators for a day of joint panel discussions and presentations on the latest developments in European digital radio.


Netherlands Taps Radioscape for DAB Infrastructure Replacement

Holland's current DAB multiplex provides a maximum of 12 DAB- only channels populated primarily by Netherlands Public Broadcasting.

Canadian DAB Signals Nearly Extinguished

Northeast Radio Watch blog is reporting that the CBC has shut down all its DAB transmissions, and that only one multiplex still remains on the air.

IBOC Across America

IBOC by State: Washington (February 2011)

There are 54 stations in the Evergreen State broadcasting 99 HD Radio channels.

Eye on IBOC

iBiquity's Struble Extols Internet's Value as Digital Radio's "Back-Channel"

Struble opines that radio cannot survive in a digitally connected world unless it provides the kind of interactivity consumers have come to expect from other platforms such as tablets and smartphones.


NTIA Releases FM IBOC Construction Cost Estimator

The estimator gives approximate figures for equipping a class A, B or C FM station with either analog or IBOC transmission infrastructure.

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