Digital Radio Update - Jan 19, 2011

January 19, 2011

Digital Radio Update

A report addresses the impact of digital radio in Latin America, a new DAB add-on for iPhone 4 looks built-in, Toyota adds Entune HD Radio, Cydle portable player with HD may ship soon, and Frontier presents Venice 9.


Report Addresses Impact of Digital Radio Transition in Latin America

The report explores how new digital radio technologies are adopted might hurt or enhance radio broadcasting at the community or populist level.


New DAB Add-on for iPhone 4 has Built-in Look

Unlike previous smartphone DAB accessories, Lingo's actually encases the phone, making the two devices look and feel like a single unit.


Toyota's Entune adds HD Radio to a Media Cornucopia

Entune is designed to tap into a user's smartphone to deliver a number of online communication, navigation and media services, as well as specialized apps.

IBOC Across America

IBOC by State: Idaho (January 2011)

There are 8 stations in the Gem State broadcasting 13 HD Radio channels.


Cydle Portable Player with HD Radio May Ship Soon

One of the more interesting features of the P29H's Swiss army knife approach to function is an accelerometer and haptic sensor.

Frontier Presents Venice 9

Frontier claims that this latest iteration of its popular Venice module series boasts full WorldDMB profile 1 compliance.

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