Digital Radio Update - June 17, 2009

June 17, 2009

Digital Radio Update

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Reports of FM's Swan Song in UK Misleading

Despite reports, analog FM will continue in UK beyond 2015.

DRM+ Debuts in Paris

A press release from Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) says that its non-proprietary DRM+ standard conducted a successful demonstration before government telecom regulators in the French capital last week.


Debate over DAB+ Trial Funding Continues in Germany

At issue is the proposed commitment of approximately 30 million Euros in licensing fees to construction and testing of a national DAB+ multiplex.

Korea Evaluates HD Radio

Two identical HD Radio Digital hybrid BE FM transmission packages will ship to an ETRI lab for bench tests this summer, with experimental broadcasts expected later in the year.

IBOC Across America

IBOC by State: Minnesota (June 2009)

Ibiquity has a list of stations with licensed HD Radio technology and notes those on the air now. IBOC by state looks at various states and lists the stations making the transition. There are 44 stations in the North Star State broadcasting 62 HD Radio channels.

Eye on IBOC

Sage/Ibiquity/Spectrarep Propose Advanced EAS for HD Radio - Any Takers?

The plan envisions a range of devices with embedded HD Radio technology, including digital AM/FM radios, personal media devices and cell phones, personal computers, and other communication channels.

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