Digital Radio Update - June 2, 2010

June 2, 2010

Digital Radio Update

DRM asks UK Communications Committee for a second look, French Free Radio Conference sparks digital discussion, Samarra goes round two with WorldSpace, FCC Proceeding 99-325 gets a hot response and China/Australia collaborate on Push Radio.


DRM Asks UK Communications Committee for a Second Look

The digital radio roadmap has a controversial timetable for the shutdown of national analog radio channels that could come as early as 2015.

French Free Radio Conference Rekindles Digital Discussion

Digital radio delivered via T-DMB multiplex has generated little interest in France to date, at least partially due to high operating costs and a lack of low-cost receivers.


It's Déjà Vu for Samarra and WorldSpace

Yazmi has also posted the funding necessary to cover satellite decommissioning in the event it cannot successfully execute the deal.

IBOC Across America

IBOC by State: Puerto Rico (June 2010)

There are six stations in the Isle of Enchantment broadcasting six HD Radio channels.

Eye on IBOC

Late May is Hot, Hot, Hot for FCC Proceeding 99-325 on IBOC

Critics of the FCC's action to allow up to a 6dB increase file three petitions for reconsideration, two applications for review, and a motion to strike opposition comments filed by iBiquity.


China, Australia Collaborate on Development of Push Radio

The technology promises to "free listeners from the necessity to connect to the Internet and ... make podcast(s) even more accessible for all digital radio listeners."

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