Digital Radio Update - Oct 20, 2010

October 20, 2010

Digital Radio Update

HD Radio on tap at IEEE Broadcast Symposium, DRM+ trials in Sri Lanka and Italy, Pandora woos advertisers, DAB+ offers more Down Under and NAB checks out Diveemo.


HD Radio on Tap at IEEE Broadcast Symposium

Representatives from the FCC as well as wireless and broadcast industries will discuss the potential impact of mobile broadband on Thursday.

DRM+ Trials launch in Sri Lanka, Italy

Digital Radio Mondiale suggests that interest in DRM+ may be picking up.


Pandora Woos Drive-Time Radio Advertisers, says Bloomberg

As an example, MillerCoors suggests that Web-based ad delivery makes it possible to deliver their spots to a 21 and over crowd only - something that's virtually impossible with satellite or terrestrial radio.

DAB+ Adding More Digital Choices Down Under

Some of the offerings reflect DAB+ technology's dynamic channel management capability within a given multiplex.

IBOC Across America

IBOC by State: Florida (October 2010)

There are 129 stations in The Sunshine State broadcasting 227 HD Radio channels.


NAB Checks Out Diveemo Video via DRM 30

Diveemo uses DRM 30's ancillary data capacity to carry a 176 x 146px color video signal at 8fps , thanks to MPEG 4 AVC video and HE-AACv 2 audio compression technology.

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