Digital Radio Update - Oct 6, 2010

October 6, 2010

Digital Radio Update

A NJ law firm looks for HD Radio lemons, UK analyst spins digital radio report, NAB says streaming too pricey and DRM+ demos at IFA.


Radio Pundit Publishes DAB Critique

Goddard's book reportedly seeks to expose some unflattering aspects of how the British government has handled DAB's rollout in the UK.

NRSC Adopts Supplemental FM IBOC Power Guideline

The new document complements existing NRSC Guideline, NRSC-G201-A, and serves as an aid for those involved with FM IBOC digital facility design, operation and compliance monitoring.


Can't Afford an HD Radio Conversion? Trade it

iBiquity Digital has teamed with Citadel Media to provide trade-out options for the purchase of everything from licensing to HD Radio data importers and transmitters.

UK Consumers Group says a 2015 Analog Radio Sunset is "Far Too Early"

The report asserts that CEG ought to be involved in setting a minimum specification for digital radio and should be directly involved with the development and design of a public education campaign regarding digital radio adoption.


UK Commercial Radio to BBC: Ante up on DAB Costs Now

Global Radio CEO Ashley Tabor says the cost of expanding UK DAB coverage to match analog signals across the UK could run an additional $240M to $320M.

IBOC Across America

IBOC by State: Missouri (October 2010)

There are 51 stations in The Show Me State broadcasting 92 HD Radio channels.


Ho-Ho-Ho -- it's HD Radio

No-charge spots will air on approximately 600 HD Digital Radio Alliance member stations across 100 U.S. markets.

HD Radios to Offer an "Artist Experience"

This latest tweak on HD Radio technology will allow users to view graphics on receivers with compatible displays.

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