August 30, 2010

1:8 multi-format distribution over Ethernet

The GefenTV 1:8 multi-format distribution over Ethernet allows VGA, component, composite and S-Video plus audio, to be distributed to many receivers. This versatile product is useful for digital signage applications, or educational institutions. The video/audio works in broadcast mode from the sender to all eight ports simultaneously. The receiver's two-port switch/hub can be daisy-chained. Additional features of this product allow the facility of audio-video distribution over a local area network's infrastructure. Connect the A/V source into the sender inputs. Connect up to eight receivers if the connection is directly between send and receive units. Another connection concept may be to connect one CAT-5 on the sender side to the network infrastructure. In that configuration the receivers will be connected to the network as well. So, if a PC is connected to the network, then a second RJ45 needs to be connected into the receiver as well. The video output from the receiver should be connected to a display. Power up and the signal is passed directly to all outputs connected.

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