Gefen Wireless RS-232 Extension

June 1, 2010

RS-232 extender
The Wireless RS-232 Extension allows long-distance control of audio/video content using RS-232 protocol. Audio/video signals can travel up to 100' with no extension cables required. It is also an ideal plug-and-play add-on to already implemented systems using the RS-232 protocol. Small sender and receiver units are equipped with miniature antenna to propel the signal while remaining immune to extraneous noise in the operating environment. Two baud rates are available, 19200 and 9600, offering flexibility in performance. Although equipped with power supplies on both sender and receiver units, extra power is not always needed if the source device and display are equipped to handle the RS-232 protocol. If more than one source needs to be accessed from afar, multiple units can be grouped to offer a greater signal transmission to the desired location.

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