Hard to Reach Screw and Nut

September 1, 2011

Plenty of us have done transmitter repairs that involved a tube socket. Why does it always seem that there is that one screw/nut/washer combination that won't go back on? And it's the one you can't see? Likely the socket will be oriented so that the screw stays in place by gravity; but still you need to attach the nut (and perhaps a lock-washer as well) on the bottom of the socket. If you simply can't do it with the nut resting on your fingertip, just the smallest dab of silicon (same stuff used for heat sinks) to make the nut adhere enough until you find the screw. Some tipsters have suggested using Super Glue, but that's an extreme approach.

And while you're working over the blower, always put a piece of paper, cardboard or a towel over the airway (where the blower blows air up underneath the socket) to catch anything dropped, rather than it falling into the blower motor. Also, add an inspection mirror to your toolbox to help see around the back of that blower assembly and other tight spots.

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