Hosa Technology SNX Series

August 2, 2010

Pro-conex stage boxes

Incorporating a wealth of features designed to provide years of reliable service, the SNX Series Pro-Conex stage boxes provide clean, transparent audio feeds to and from the house audio console and, with all terminations being XLR, are ideal for live-sound environments where long cable runs are common. The SNX Series is available in multiple configurations and lengths. Heavy-duty construction is a hallmark of the new SNX Series Pro-Conex stage boxes. These stage boxes utilize genuine Neutrik XLR connectors on all sends and returns for trouble-free connections, free from clicks, pops or other annoying sonic artifacts. Additionally, all models employ foil-wrapped, heat shrink-protected internal wiring. Similarly, each lead/signal path is individually shielded using 24 AWG x 2 OFC (oxygen free copper) conductors—thus ensuring superior signal transmission.

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