Inovonics Celebrates 40 Years

April 16, 2012

Las Vegas - Apr 15, 2012 - In May 1972, Inovonics was founded in Campbell, CA. At that time, research and development began on the company's first products: 355 Replacement Tape Electronics, 200 Limiter and 360 Tape Electronics.

Inovonics President Jim Wood commented on the milestone, "Inovonics began with a single product idea: a replacement tape recorder electronics for tired, old vacuum-tube machines. Inovonics has kept attuned to the wants and needs of broadcasters, evolving into an innovator and leader in the broadcast equipment field. We are proud of our 40 years under the same ownership and management, and proud to be associated with an industry dedicated to serving ' the public interest, convenience and necessity.'"

Woods' last statement is from the Radio Act of 1927, which is still included in applicable laws and, in his opinion, the soul and spirit of radio and television broadcasting.

Here's a highlight of some Inovonics achievements.

1972Inovonics founded in Campbell, CA; R&D begins.
1973First products released: 355 replacement tape electronics, 200 limiter, 360 tape electronics
1974Patented: frequency-selective limiting means.
OEM Development: Zi-Tech TB-100 precision DC voltage standard. 201 average/peak limiter, 210 frequency-selective Limiter, 220 ALO broadcast processor
1975375 tape electronics, 405 and 420 constant-tape-tension servos (under license from Studer)
1976Headquarters moved to a new, larger building in Campbell, CA.
OEM Development: Ampex Corp. TS-40 tension servo, 240 and 241 DYNEX adaptive noise suppressor, 376 magnetic reproduce electronics
1978221 ALO-II broadcast processor, 230 MAP multiband audio processor
1979215 modular broadcast processor, 231 'MAP-II' multiband audio processor, 500 RTA real-time acoustic analyzer
1981370 and 380 replacement tape electronics
1982OEM Development: Westrex RA1125 mag-film insert recording electronics, 250 programmable multiband broadcast processor (pioneering the use of quasi-digital PWM technology in audio processing)
1984387 magnetic reproduce electronics (used extensively in Omnimax theaters)
1985Headquarters moved to Santa Cruz, CA.
260 stereo-FM broadcast processor, TVU on-screen audio level display for teleproduction
1986710(TV) BTSC TV stereo generator, 310 high-speed audio tape duplicator electronics
1987222 NRSC compliance processor (satisfied the FCC mandate for AM broadcasting), 255 triband-PWM stereo-FM broadcast processor
1988Patented: filter overshoot control means. 705 FM stereo generator
1990390 and 397 mag-film recording and playback electronics (the company's final analog magnetic recording products)
1991706 FM stereo generator
1992715 DAVID FM processor/stereo-generator, 550 The Sentinel diagnostic broadcast receiver
1995530 FM modulation monitor, 708 FM stereo generator, 510 RDS/RBDS decoder/reader, 716 DAVID-II FM processor/stereo-generator
1996710 RDS/RBDS encoder
1997540 FM subcarrier monitor,701 RDS/RBDS mini-encoder, 630 FM rebroadcast receiver, PBX telephone switch (line multiplier)
1999520 AM modulation monitor
2000Webcaster streaming audio processor
2001711 RDS/RDBS encoder
2002Omega_FM all-digital multiband processor for FM and IBOC digital radio (its first digital audio processing product)
2003Patented: polarity-independent limiting, 531 FM modulation monitor
2004712 RDS/RBDS encoder, 718 DAVID-III FM processor/stereo-generator
2005631 FM rebroadcast receiver,702 RDS/RBDS encoder
2006264 quad audio leveler, 713 RDS/RBDS encoder
2008261 digital utility audio processor, 525 AM modulation monitor, 720 RDS/RBDS encoder
2009Headquarters moved to its own purchased building in Felton, CA.
703RDS/RBDS Mini encoder
2010730 RDS/RBDS encoder
2011719 DAVID-IV digital FM/FM-HD broadcast processor/stereo-generator
2012632 FM/FM-HD confidence monitor receiver

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