Insight to Sessions

March 1, 2007

The sessions are a major part of the NAB convention. With so many papers being concurrently presented, there's no way to attend them all. As a Radio magazine reader, you are probably the most interested in the Broadcast Engineering Conference sessions, but don't neglect other conference sessions. We have reviewed the session lists to provide an overview of items you don't want to miss.

HD Radio

Once again, HD Radio is the hot topic for radio in the Broadcast Engineering Conference. There are a few mentions of other digital transmission technologies (Worldspace and DRM) in the digital transmission sessions, but multicast, RF, data, surround, advanced services and station workflow for HD Radio are the prime focus. Radio magazine contributors Jeff Smith and Steve Fluker are among the moderators taking part in the sessions.

But not just HD Radio

About half of the radio-specific sessions are not strictly about HD Radio and cover a wide range of topics. The Audio Solutions for Radio session delves into several important aspects of maintaining audio quality for radio including IP, processing, digital data reduction and remotes.

Emerging Broadcast Technologies offers a peak into the most recent broadcast technologies and provides some solutions to implementing them today. This includes interactive radio and serving audio streams across multiple delivery mechanisms. The Radio Facilities session deals with issues of radio station infrastructure, from facility planning to audio networking to software management.

On Wednesday afternoon, the session titled Engineering Management for the 21st Century turns to the administrative side of broadcast engineering. Many engineers resist the management aspect of their jobs, but this session offers some practical insight into the modern technical workspace.

The last radio technical session is called Radio Technology Advancements, and it seems fitting that the Broadcast Engineering Conference should conclude with a look at the future of radio broadcasting.

Ennes Workshop

The Society of Broadcast Engineers will again present an Ennes Educational Workshop. Held all day on Saturday, this year's theme is Everything Audio. The session starts with an audio primer and moves on to audio wiring and IP audio systems. PBS is partnering with the SBE to present the session, and the afternoon portion shifts to a TV-oriented focus.

Regulatory issues

The Broadcast Regulatory and Legislative Conference has a full agenda of sessions, but there are several sessions that we think could be interesting to the media engineer or technology manager. These sessions include From Anxiety to Opportunity: Managing and Leading During Times of Change; Legally Speaking: All Things Radio; Stay Out of Trouble with the FCC: What Recent Enforcement Actions Mean to You; The FCC Breakfast; and Tower Siting in a Newly Regulated World. They all touch on various aspects of station operations. The FCC Breakfast itself is usually a good forum to hear directly from the FCC commissioners on the current activities of the FCC.

In addition, the session titled Legal Advice for Small Market and Independent Stations will provide some valuable advice for all stations. One of the featured panelists is Radio magazine legal contributor Harry Martin.

Plan ahead

Once on site, be sure to check the session guides for updates on times and locations for all the sessions. To help you plan your time now, the session timetable grid below highlights many of the sessions that will be of the most interest to you. Use this as a starting point when planning your schedule.

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