JK Audio BlueDriver Series

June 1, 2010

Wireless audio interfaces

The BlueDriver series of audio interface adapters uses Bluetooth wireless technology. BlueDriver-F3 plugs directly into a dynamic mic or the mic-level output from a mixing console. Pair it to a Bluetooth-equipped cell phone or headset. The 3.5mm stereo jack contains a mic-level output suitable for recording, with the clean mic signal on the left channel and the Bluetooth return on the right. BlueDriver-M3 plugs into the mic input channel of a mixer. The 3.5mm jack will accept a signal from the headphone output of the mixer for transmission back to the cell phone or headset. A switch on either unit selects between connection to a third-party Bluetooth headset, or a cell phone.

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What the judges had to say:
"JK Audio has again found a niche for Bluetooth use."
"Ideal for remote broadcasts by pairing with a cell phone, and it keeps the reporter looking professional."


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