Kintronic Labs VSU-1

June 1, 2010

Voltage sampling unit

The Model VSU-1 precision voltage dividing transformers provide sample voltages for RF voltage phase and magnitude measurement on AM broadcast directional multi-tower arrays. The transformers are available for a maximum tower base peak voltage of 20kV RMS to enable use with low- to high-power antenna arrays and standard- to high-antenna base drive impedances. These voltage sampling transformers have been developed to facilitate the method of moments (MOM) proofing of an AM directional antenna with towers having electrical height between 120 and 190 electrical degrees. The VSU-1 is housed in a painted aluminum weatherproof enclosure with a 7" ceramic bowl insulator and stud assembly for interconnection with the tower RF feedpipe.

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What the judges had to say:
"I can't wait to get rid of my sample loops."
"Installing it at the tower base will eliminate many monitoring hassles."


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