Ledtronics RPLH Series

July 27, 2011

LED pilot lights

These 22mm and 30mm direct incandescent-replacement panel LED pilot lamps and holders comprise an integrated modular system. The RPLH Series are complete assemblies that incorporate the lens, lamp and lamp holder. Offering sunlight-visible light colors, the lamps feature T3-1/4 (9mm) single-contact miniature bayonet bases that give installation a familiar twist. RPLH Series LED lamp assemblies are rated for 130Vdc/120Vac input – 50Vdc minimum. They directly replace 28MB, 313, 757, 1819MB series incandescent bulbs. Colors include: 650nm red, 610nm amber, 596nm yellow, 519nm green, 462nm blue and 8000 Kelvin white.

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