Logitek AE-IP

March 14, 2013

Audio engine enhancement
The AE-IP card enables networking of the AE-32 with JetStream AoIP systems and also allows the AE-32 to communicate with hard disk systems using Logitek's JetNet network conduit. The AE-IP upgrade card replaces the existing AE-C2 or AE-C6 Controller Card, the NetA TDM Network Card and any Sharc DSP cards with the JetStream AoIP Network platform. Networking capacity is increased to 128 x 128 in a single chassis, thereby creating a dense 256-channel AoIP node. An embedded PC in the AE-IP card replaces the external supervisor computer that had been required with the AE-32, reducing hardware requirements. The AE-IP card also expands the console capacity of the AE-32 to four consoles with a total capacity of 36 faders. All consoles on the system have access to input meters on every fader and profanity delays as well as effects processing on all input faders and program output buses.

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