NAB Extra!

March 1, 2005

This year's provides a sneak preview at many of the exciting new products companies will debut at NAB2005. This section will help you decide which products you are most interested in, and we provide their booth numbers so you can find them quickly and easily at the show. Some of the trends to look for: IBOC compatibility, surround sound capability and updated operating systems.

Analog audio cable
Booth #C2257
Brilliance 9451P, 9451DP:
These cables are plenum versions of Belden's 9451 and 9451D analog audio cables and are designed for line-level audio connections, audio distribution equipment and studio wiring with room-to-room plenum. The cables include a single-pair construction, the 9451P, and a Siamese construction, the 9451DP. The cables can be easily installed because the Beldfoil bonded-foil shield is bonded to the cable jacket and can be stripped for termination using conventional cable stripping tools. Color-coding provides easy channel identification for stereo applications.
fax 765-983-5294

Audio analyzer
Rohde & Schwarz
Booth #C2633
A compact instrument for audio measurements of analog and digital interfaces, the unit offers dual-channel signal processing and generation, as well as a sampling rate up to 192kHz. Other features include recording and replaying of audio signals, comprehensive FFT analysis and user-programmable filters for analyzers and generators.
fax 410-910-7801

Audio alignment
Dorrough Electronics
Booth #C1833
Program Alignment Generator Model 10:
The Audio Alignment Generator features a tone burst that makes it possible to confirm that a channel has sufficient headroom to pass the peak of the program material.
fax 818-998-1507

Digital control surface
Booth #N2802
The console provides seamless integration with the Bridge digital audio router and allows system-wide access to a station's on-air and off-air audio resources via interlinked CAT-5 or fiber-optic cable. In addition to its standard features, such as Ethernet protocol, VDIP configuration, X-Y controllers and eight-character controller displays, the console offers an expanded number of AUX sends and increased Preset options to boost save-recall capability.
fax 252-637-1285

Audio processor
Broadcast Warehouse
Booth #N322
DSP Extra:
This audio processor features a six-band limiter with advanced distortion control, multiband AGC adopted from Translantech Sound's Ariane digital audio leveler and split processing architecture that makes it suitable for simultaneous FM and digital radio services such as IBOC and Internet streaming. The unit also provides TCP/IP and serial control, multiple factory and user-defined presets and front panel metering and a control system.
+44 208 5409992
fax +44 208 5409994

Coax cable
Gepco International
Booth #C9341
An ultra-miniature high definition coax cable, this product achieves low weight and small size without losing the electrical and mechanical properties required for reliable transmission in broadcast applications. This cable features an ultra-thin profile, is low weight, is easy to terminate and has a broadband foil and braid shield that offers better RF/EMI protection and greater structural integrity. It also provides 75Ohm impedance and low structural return loss up to 3GHz.
fax 847-795-8770

IBOC monitor
Booth #N2235
Goldeneagle HD:
This equipment monitors of the quality and continuity of HD Radio and FM signals as well as PAD and RBDS data. An embedded spectrum analyzer is available as an option to monitor power of the sidebands and other parameters. The monitor features an embedded Web server and SMTP server for alarm notification as well as a touch pad on the front panel. Installed at the transmitter, it can also be used as a remote control unit by adding 16 digital inputs, 16 metering channels and 16 relay outputs.
fax 305-249-3113

Sound card
Audio Science
Booth #N503
Using Peak Audio's Cobranet technology for streaming audio over Ethernet, the sound card provides eight stereo or 16 mono inputs and outputs. It can be connected to any Cobranet-compliant device. MRX technology allows 16 streams of formats and sample rates to be played, recorded and mixed over Cobranet. A choice of 16-bit PCM, MP3 or MPEG Layer 2 compression is available on all streams. Other features of this device include eight stereo/16 mono inputs and outputs on Ethernet operating at 48kHz or 96kHz and 16-, 20- or 24-bit PCM; its low-profile PCI card allows use in 2RU computers; MRX technology supports recording, playing and mixing of multiple stream formats and sample rates; and TSX time scaling allows compression/expansion of play streams by as much as +/-20 percent with no pitch shift.
302-324-5333; fax 302-738-9434

Digital/analog silence sensor
Danagger Audio Works
Booth #N722
Plan B Deluxe:
This self-contained, 2RU system features a digital silence sensor; replacement audio from hard drive, Compact Flash or CD-R; Internet and phone line accessibility; WAV, MP2 and MP3 playback; a four-channel voice remote control; a global listen line; and switching options for a secondary live program source. When the unit senses silence or constant amplitude noise for a user-defined period, it injects replacement audio appropriate to the current daypart. Rotation rules can be set up to select playback cuts from user directories, just like an automation system. Files can be directly uploaded to the system from most automation systems via the Web or an in-house network.
fax 250-763-2902

FM antenna
Propagation Systems
Booth #C9229
Low-power FM antenna:
An omni-directional circularly polarized FM antenna for the low-power broadcaster, this antenna will also serve the FM broadcasters implementing IBOC with a separate antenna approach. Manufactured with stainless steel, the PSI-FL antenna exhibits low weight and wind load. Pressurization is not required. Multiple versions are available that allow inputs from 500W to 2kW, at full or halfwave spacing. Radomes are available.
fax 814-472-5676

Headphone amp
Broadcast Tools
Booth #N1400
This amp provides cue signals for as many as four sets of headphones. Each output is supplied with a stereo amplifier and may be configured to accept cue audio on the left headphone with a simple contact closure to ground. Front and rear-panel TRS jacks are provided with each output, along with a front-panel level control. The stereo balanced input is adjustable with the front-panel master level control. The balanced cue input is equipped with a rear-panel trimmer. The amp is powered by a surge protected internal bipolar 15Vdc power supply. The half-rack profile allows the unit to be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall or as part of the new RA-1, Rack-Able mounting shelf.
fax 360-854-9479

Clock, time code generator
Booth #C2639
The ES-185U is an upgrade to the ES-185A/12 GPS master clock/time code generator. Upgrades include IRIG AM or TTL time code, SMPTE time code selection (drop frame, NDF, EBU and real time) through supplied software and USB connection for configuring set-up features. Features include a nine-digit yellow LED display, rack mount enclosure with black front panel, four-hour battery back-up, indoor/outdoor antenna, one PPS output and five time code outputs (SMPTE/EBU, ASCII, IRIG-B, ESE-TC89 and ESE-TC90). Other options available include 10MHz/1kHz frequency outputs, relay contact closure, 220Vac, 12-35Vdc power input and a UL-approved power supply.
fax 310-322-8127

Software for MSD600M++
DK Technologies
Booth #C2757
Graphical Leq:
Designed for the company's flagship audio meter, the MSD600M++, this software is aimed at users working with surround sound. The software package allows users to mix to the highest score on the Leq loudness standard. SMPTE time code input brings automated start/stop points and provides a direct readout of where the sound material can be optimized for louder mixes. There is also new Windows-based software for internal matrix setting, and a USB interface utility module.
+45 4485 0255
fax +45 4485 0250

XLR cable
Booth #C5137
NC**XX series:
Similar in style to the NP*X series of quarter-inch phone plugs, the NC**XX series is available in configurations of three to seven poles. The compact, die-cast shell has internal threads that mate with the external threads on the boot to eliminate damage sometimes found on exposed threads. Additional features include a female cage type contact that increases conductivity and reduces wear of the male contacts and a new ground contact that provides better integrity between the chassis and cable connectors.
fax 732-901-9608

Compact monitors
Booth #SL1516
These powered speakers feature 5-1/4" woofers, silk-dome tweeters and a 60+30W bi-amplified active power amp. The monitors feature low- and high-frequency controls and an Acoustic Space Control to optimize their performance for room placement or listener preference. The monitors are shielded to prevent magnetic damage to CRTs. The deep cabinet and ported design produce a large amount of bass for the size of the monitors.
fax 323-727-7635

Broadcast console
Sierra Automated Systems
Booth #N806
Rubicon SL:
A radio broadcast console control surface for the smaller market station or smaller studio, the SL offers complete integration with the SAS 32KD and the SAS Connected Digital Network, as well as stand-alone operation with the new upgraded Riolink mixer and router.
fax 818-840-6751

Digital transmitter
Booth #N2811
As the forth generation of Nautel 12kW AM transmitters, this modular HD Radio/DRM digital transmitter features reserve power for aggressive signal processing and 155 percent positive peak program modulation at 10kW to produce more sideband energy and a stronger signal. With two power modules and one standby module, full power will automatically be maintained even under fault conditions. Power modules are hot-pluggable and can be removed and replaced without an interruption in transmission. For even greater redundancy, the transmitter comes with a complete standby DDS exciter section including a modulation encoder with automatic changeover.
fax 207-947-3693

Content importer
OMT Technologies
Booth #N3911
Imediaimport Module:
The Imediaimport Module automatically imports station content from a variety of sources including but not limited to: third party multi-track editors, newsroom applications, FTP sites, network folders and NPR Content Depot. Using the Cart Chunk and ID3 tagging systems, users of this system can have any content automatically placed and titled into an Imedia-touch system.
fax 204-783-5805

Digital console surface
Booth #N2022
Mosaic consoles use a series of drop-in modules that permit users to purchase console configurations that meet their needs. These consoles are router-based, acting as control surfaces for the Logitek Audio Engine. Features include multiple frame sizes, allowing configuration of consoles ranging from four to 24 faders and multiple, full-color LCD screens, which provides at least one screen on each module, giving users meters, clocks, timers, delay information, text from the Audio Engine and downloaded bitmaps. There are more controls available than there were in previous consoles, giving users single-button access to multiple functions.
fax 713-664-4479

Adjustable LED light source
CBT Systems
Booth #N3304
This rack mount light can be extended 9" and rotated 180 degrees to light areas in a rack that conventional pull-style lamps can't. The ergonomic extruded aluminum exterior houses 12 long-life LEDs and includes a rocker power switch that is always lit so it can be easily located, even in a dark room. The unit comes complete with a UL-approved 24V power supply.
fax 858-536-2354

Data importer, exporter
Booth #C3612A, C1907
Flexstar HDI-100 and HDE-100:
The Flexstar HDI-100 data importer and HDE-100 program exporter can broadcast supplemental audio and implement data services, maximizing available bandwidth within the transmission chain. The HDI-100 importer accepts all advanced application services, including supplemental audio program streams, allowing broadcasters to better serve the community and generate additional revenue. The HDE-100 exporter multiplexes the data leaving the importer with a station main program channel and feeds all the data as one bandwidth-efficient bit stream to an HD exciter. Both units are compatible with Harris' Dexstar HD Radio exciter. A demonstration at NAB will simulate an end-to-end HD Radio platform for enabling advanced services such as supplementary audio and data.
fax 513-459-3890

On-air radio console
Audioarts Engineering
Booth #N2802
The modular console comes with four stereo busses, dual-domain outputs, sample rate conversion on all digital inputs, and interchangeable input module daughter cards for easy analog-to-digital field switches. The hinged meterbridge swings up for access to console dipswitch programming. LED meter displays add to the functionality of the meterbridge with full-scale digital peak plus VU metering. The switching features LED illumination and an automatic timer, a built-in machine interface and a clock come standard. The unit may also be ordered with an optional Superphone module, which supports two callers. A compact, tabletop design, the console is currently available in a 13- and 21-fader mainframe.
fax 252-637-1285

Software update
Burk Technology
Booth #N3602
Autopilot 3:
Autopilot 3 introduces custom views, which provide broadcasters with a new level of flexibility in viewing and managing an unlimited number of Arc-16 sites. Users can select individual channels to display on the PC interface, and they can draw from as many sites as needed to create a drill-down approach to fault resolution, a map-based geographic view for multiple sites, or a customized interface designed for operation-specific work flows or procedures. The software offers an e-mail alarm notification utility that provides selective, customizable reporting so that each alarm message can be sent to a different e-mail addresses or distribution groups, adding efficiency and making workgroup communication more effective.
fax 978-486-0081

IBOC combiner
Booth #C7807
HDR Dibrid:
The Dibrid facilitates in-band on-channel radio broadcasts that combine analog and dual sideband digital signals. Because the combiner does not use switches, it permits hot switching that keeps broadcasters on the air as functions are changed while also extending the operating life of transmitter components. The combiner is a stand-alone unit with two inputs and two outputs. Depending on the function, one transmitter or a combination of the two can be connected to the combiner's inputs, while one output is attached to an antenna and the other to a station dummy load. Transmission modes can be created to direct the analog transmitter, digital transmitter or a combination of both in several ratios to the antenna, with the residual power directed to the station load.
fax 207-655-7120

Prophet Systems
Booth #N1402
This audio logging and digital archiving program can retain as much of the station's audio as needed using compressed or non-compressed audio formats. The logger is expandable, recording from one to 16 sources simultaneously (mono or stereo) when used with the ASI8702 tuner-card. Multiple bit-rate storage per recording channel is possible. Recording lengths and times are user-configurable and the unit can be configured to work with most analog or digital audio sources, including automation systems, satellite receivers and switchers. VU metering allows the user to monitor the current status of the recording.
fax 308-284-4181

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