March 1, 2007

Navigating the exhibits is easier if you understand the numbering plan. All the booth are arranged in a column and grid format. The first digits indicate the column, the last two digits indicate the row. As you stand at the North Hall entrance facing north (with the Central Hall behind you), the columns begin on the right. The rows begin in front of you. Booth N402 is to the front right, while booth N9437 is in the back on the left.

The Central and South Halls begin their numbering as you face east with Paradise Road behind you. In the Central Hall, the columns begin on the right, and the rows begin in front of you, except the row numbers begin on the left. Booth C158 is in front on the right. Booth C12200 is in the back on the left.

The South Halls begin the column numbers on the left and the rows in front. Booth SL106 is in the front on the left, and booth SL14020 is in the back on the right. The South Upper plan is the same.

You can walk between the South Hall Lower and the Central Hall through the outdoor exhibits. Use the doors near the middle of the Central and South Lower Halls to access the path and avoid walking all the way around.

All that said, the FASTtrack organizes exhibitors in to categories, and then arranges them in booth order so you can make a fast track to see them all.

FASTtrack Index

Category Page
Associations, Societies & Agencies 46
Audio Accessories, Headphones & Speakers 46
Audio Mixers-On Air 47
Audio Mixers-Portable 47
Audio Mixers-Studio, Recording 47
Audio Processing & Encoding 47
Audio Recording, Storage & Playback 50
Audio Routing & Distribution 50
Automation Systems & Content Management 51
Dealers & Distributors 51
Digital Audio Workstations 51
Facility Remote Control & Event Controllers 51
Intercom, IFB Products 51
Internet, Computers, Peripherals & Data 52
Microphones, Accessories 52
Microwave, Fiber Optic & Telco Equipment 52
Power Products, Batteries, Generators, UPS 53
Recording & Labeling Media & Accessories 53
RF Feedline, Components, Towers & Services 53
Satellite Equipment & Services 53
SCA & RBDS, Tuners and Monitors 53
Software for Business, Traffic, etc. 54
Sound/music/image libraries 54
Studio & Facility Support Products & Accessories 54
System Integrators, Installers, Consultants & Services 55
Test & Measurement Equipment 55
Transmitters, Antennas 55
Wire, Cable & Connectors 55

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