NAB New Products (April 2011)

April 1, 2011

Want to know what you might see at the 2011 NAB Show? Here's a list of just some of the exhibitors' offerings.

AEQ Forum

Compact digital audio console

Anchor Audio Communications ProLink

Wireless intercom system

Audioarts Engineering IP-12

Digital radio console

Auralex Acoustics MudGuard

Microphone isolation

Axia Audio IC.20D, IC.1D

Desktop intercom stations

Broadcast Electronics Portable Radio Systems

Emergency radio transmission

Burk Technology Plus-X ICRU

Integrated command relay unit

BW Broadcast Aptus

FM transmitters

CBT Systems Value, Style

On-air lights

DaySequerra Eclipse LBR4

Digital radio processor

Digital Alert Systems DASLC, DASLCR

Emergency messaging platform

ERI-Electronics Research Inc 1329Line

Aluminum outer coaxial transmission line

Glensound Electronics GS-CUT101, GS-PASTE201

Telephone line coupler, balancing unit

Harris Flexiva

Air-cooled FM transmitter

Hosa Technology Goby Labs Screen Cleaner

Alcohol-, ammonia-free solution

Inovonics INOmini 632

HD Radio monitor

JK Audio Concierge

2x6 switch core

Junger Audio Studiotechnik B46 Level Magic

Digital dynamics processor

Lawo Remote App

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app

Merging Technologies Pyramix 7

Virtual studio

Musicam Ikusnet

Portable codec

Myat X-series

Coaxial transfer switch

Myers Information Systems ProTrack Radio

Business software

Nautel VS HD

VS Series digital radio adapter

Neutrik Multimedia Connector Series

Data connectors

P.I. Engineering XK-24

Computer shortcut keys

Paravel Systems iRoute

IP Audio route selector/monitor for Livewire



Samson Technologies Zoom R8

Music production system

Sennheiser Electronic K-Array KR400S

Portable loudspeaker

Sony Creative Software Vegas Pro 10

A/V software

Sound Devices USBPre 2

Mic interface for computer audio

TC Electronic DB4 MKII and DB8 MKII

Cross-platform broadcast processors

Tieline Technology Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition

Audio codec application

V-Soft Communications XField

Relocation software

Wheatstone IP-88VE

Audio processing Blade

Whirlwind Micmute

Microphone on/off switch

WorldCast Systems APT Astral

IP audio codec

WorldCast Systems - Audemat FMB50

RDS encoder

Zaxcom TRX900LTS

Two-channel recording wireless transmitter

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