NAB Radio Update - Aug 29, 2006

August 29, 2006


  • NAB Promotes Wharton to Executive VP
  • VPR Purchases Barix, Stream Guys Technology
  • Test your knowledge of Texas
  • Burk Technology AFD-1
  • Prophet Systems News Builder
  • Logitek Artisan
  • Technical Sessions on Friday, Sept. 22
  • Audioarts Engineering D-75N
  • Studer North America On Air 3000 Net
  • Big Boy to Emcee NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner
  • Davidson to Address Legislative Breakfast at NAB Radio
  • Out and About in Dallas
  • Jampro Antennas RCHA-323-10HD
  • Docsoft Element:A/V
  • Answers to the Trivia

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    News from the Convention

    NAB Promotes Wharton to Executive VP
    Washington - Aug 9, 2006 - Dennis Wharton, senior vice president, corporate communications, has been promoted to executive vice president, media relations. Wharton joined the NAB in June 1996 as vice president of media relations, serving as the chief spokesman for the association. In 1997, he was promoted to senior vice president, continuing his role as primary spokesman while supervising the NAB's news media outreach on public policy initiatives as well as the association's conventions, which have drawn more than 1,000 registered reporters in recent years.

    In his new position, Wharton's duties will be expanded to include additional outreach and public policy advocacy to the national news media on behalf of broadcasters. He will continue to serve as a key strategic adviser to Rehr, NAB senior staff and to NAB member stations.

    Wharton joined the NAB following a 16-year stint in journalism. He began his career as a reporter and bureau chief for The Times Leader in Martins Ferry, OH. He later reported for the Columbus, OH, bureau of the Associated Press. In 1983, Wharton became a Washington reporter for Variety and Daily Variety covering legislative and regulatory issues related to broadcasting, cable and the Hollywood studios. After a two-year stint as managing editor for Financial Product News, a monthly magazine for investment advisors, Wharton returned to Variety and Daily Variety, this time as Washington bureau chief, where he remained until joining the NAB.

    A native of Hillsboro, OH, Wharton received his BA in journalism from Ohio State University.

    VPR Purchases Barix, Stream Guys Technology
    Zurich, Switzerland - Aug 21, 2006 - Vermont Public Radio and WMHT, a public broadcaster in New York, have purchased Barix's Instreamer and Exstreamer IP audio encoding and decoding devices. The deliveries are the first through Barix's alliance with Stream Guys, a Northern California-based content delivery network. The agreement allows Stream Guys to offer PC-free hardware solutions for broadcasting and receiving streaming media over the Internet using Barix products at the core of the solution.

    Do you know?

    The NAB Radio Show has made its way around to several cities over the past few years. With this visit to Dallas, we thought that we would test your knowledge of Texas trivia.

    Q1: With the memory of Hurricane Katrina of one year ago and Ernesto making a path now, storm activity is an important topic. There is a hurricane that hit the U.S. that ranks as more devastating (people-wise) than Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast. Where and when did it strike?

    Q2: Everything is big in Texas. How many miles of highway are in Texas?
    A. 70,000
    B. 100,000
    C. 130,000

    Products from the Floor

    Burk Technology
    Arc and flame detector
    Booth 519

    The AFD-1 detects electrical arcs or flame and sends a contact closure for integration with alerting devices or the station's remote control system. The unit can be used near equipment cabinets, transmitters, lightning arrestors or anywhere threatened by high voltage arcs or flame.

    Prophet Systems
    News Builder
    Newsroom software
    Booth 209

    News Builder is the comprehensive, stand-alone newsroom software that enables reporters to write newscasts, receive and revise wire copy and digitally record, edit and playback audio.

    Booth 314

    This flexible, modular control surface for the Logitek Digital Audio Engine, a modular X-Y router, offers a low-profile design. Multiple frame sizes are available to accomodate two to 30 faders along with two master mixes, eight sub mixes, four aux mixes, 24 mix-minus outputs and three monitor outputs. 5.1 surround processing is available on one master mix, one sub mix and one monitor out. Available modules include fader, monitor, master and effects. Two sizes of meter bridges are also available, along with the Vscreen software application, which allows you to build full-screen meter banks as well as router controls. A separate rack mount power supply can be located out of the way. All parts in the surface are isolated from the ac mains power for safety as well. The power supply includes 25 GPI in and 25 GPI out connections for external device interfacing.

    Session Highlights

    Technical Sessions on Friday, Sept. 22
    The technical program at the NAB Radio Show will cover a variety of practical topics.

    7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.
    Washington Insider Update Breakfast
    Radio Show participants will have the opportunity to hear the latest congressional and legislative updates from Capitol Hill during the Washington Insider Update Breakfast at the NAB 2006 Radio Show. The breakfast promises to give the inside the beltway and outside the beltway scoop on the political issues affecting the broadcasting industry. Additionally, with the upcoming mid-term elections in November, Radio Show participants will hear, first hand, the election predictions from Washington insiders and experts.

    9 a.m. to noon
    Digital Radio Measurement Workshop
    Presenter: David Maxson, Broadcast Signal Lab
    Broadcast engineers familiar with analog signal measurements are now challenged to master new techniques for evaluating their digital signals. To ensure good signal quality and minimize interference, it is necessary to make accurate measurements of hybrid IBOC signals. In this session, David Maxson will review scalar measurement techniques with spectrum analyzers and power meters, and will provide an introduction to vector measurements of IBOC signals. He will also attempt to answer the vexing question, "Is my spectrum analyzer up to the task?" The session will also touch upon the effects of amplifiers, filters and antennas on AM and FM IBOC signal characteristics.

    More Products

    Audioarts Engineering
    Mixing console
    Booth 615

    The D-75N digital audio mixing console can be modified with the Net-75 panel to provide a fully integrated network system with the option of autonomous console operation when needed. Four output buses along with eight digital inputs and outputs are provided within each panel. Six faders within the D-75N provide access to thousands of analog and digital system resources. Input modules are equipped with eight character LED displays, rotary source selectors and take buttons.

    Studer North America
    On Air 3000 Net
    Digital radio console
    Booth 219

    An option to the On-Air 3000, this console migrates the desk from a standalone operation to an open and networked part in the overall infrastructure of a broadcast center. The user can control the mic gain remotely and, if the fader is opened the loudspeakers in the remote location will be dimmed or cut and the red light will go on. All interconnected audio sources are visible in the input routing page in the GUI and can be patched to faders in the same way as local sources. Routings can be stored and recalled with snapshots.

    Convention Events

    Big Boy to Emcee NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner
    Dallas - Los Angeles radio personality Big Boy will serve as master of ceremonies during The NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show on Sept. 21, 2006. Big Boy's Neighborhood airs weekdays on Power 106 Los Angeles. Big Boy also hosts a nationally syndicated weekend show called Big Boy's Hip Hop Spot. He is a two-time NAB Marconi Radio Award winner, and he co-starring role in the movie Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo and made cameo appearances in several other Hollywood films.

    Davidson to Address Legislative Breakfast at NAB Radio
    Jim Davidson, an expert on advertising issues, will identify some major threats to broadcast revenues at the Washington Insider Legislative Breakfast during the NAB Radio Show in Dallas. The session will provide an insider's overview of attacks on specific radio advertising categories and which strategies broadcasters should use to thwart those attacks. Among the issues that will be examined are categories of products that are threatened, how advertisers could be penalized and how to answer critics who hold advertisers responsible for cultural problems.

    As the founder of Davidson and Company of Polsinelli Shalton Welte Suelthaus, a public policy advisory firm, Davidson has helped companies and business associations define and achieve their goals in the legislative and regulatory arenas of the federal government. He has worked in a diverse range of public policy areas including advertising regulation and commercial speech, appropriations, taxation, health care, telecommunications and the Internet. Davidson also writes the Eye on Washington column on prescription drug advertising for DTC Perspectives Magazine, as well as a column on federal government issues for Electronic Retailer Magazine.

    The Washington Insider Legislative Breakfast will be held on Sept. 22 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel.

    Out and About in Dallas

    Hit a few of the highlights of Dallas during your stay:
    The Old City Park in Dallas is home to more than 37 historic buildings. The park is located just south of downtown at 1515 South Harwood St. Admission is $7. For more information visit

    The community of Deep Ellum, a rowdy district east of downtown, is entering its second decade as the epicenter of live music and late-night dance clubs. It used to play almost exclusively to the alternative scene, but it has expanded its offerings to include discos, blues bars and honky-tonks. For more information visit

    Product Peeks

    Jampro Antennas
    Digital radio FM combiner
    Booth 417

    This digital FM radio combiner provides high levels of isolation and properly sized inputs for analog and digital FM transmitters. Effective self-cooling techniques provide safe combining without the need for ac-powered cooling fans. Jampro can provide the combiner for use with station provided coax and reject load, or as a system with these components included for quick installation.

    Search system
    Booth 527

    This system allows users to search spoken content and not just the metadata associated with A/V files. The system creates a text transcript of the digital file. Docsoft exports the text in a variety of formats to accommodate transcription needs as well as time-coded closed-caption output. When a search is performed for a keyword from the user's "mined" A/V files with this system, the results are displayed in context or utterances. Users can click on any utterance and they will be taken directly to the point in the file where the utterance occurred and the file will be played from that point to review.

    Did you know?


    A1: On Sept. 8 and 9, 1900, an estimated 8,000 people were killed in the disastrous Galveston hurricane and flood.

    A2: There are about 70,000 miles of U.S. highway in Texas.

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