New Products - Jan 2010

January 1, 2010

Samson Technologies Q2U

Recording pack
Samson Technologies
Q2U: A dynamic handheld microphone, the Q2U features both an XLR output and a USB I/O allowing it to be plugged directly into a live sound console or any computer with a USB input. The microphone's on/off switch controls the XLR output, allowing anyone to perform in a live setting and record to a nearby computer or laptop simultaneously. It also features a built-in 3.5mm stereo headphone jack output with volume control for no-latency monitoring during recording. Plus, a cardioid pickup pattern and a high-quality A/D converter with a 16-bit, 48kHz sampling rate ensure the sound reproduction in both live and recording applications is clear, detailed and accurate.

Neutrik XX-HD Series

XLR cable connector
XX-HD Series: The XX-HD Series is a heavy-duty XLR cable connector designed specifically for outdoor use. Equipped with hybrid metal/rubber design, the new XX-HD Series is both dust and water protected, meeting the requirements of an IP67 rating, by mating it with the related XX-HD cable connector or Neutrik's MPR-HD chassis connector. The Series includes a 3-pole female XLR connector with optional black housing as well as a 3-pole male XLR connector with optional black housing. The XX-HD connector features a rubber sealing jacket assembled during the termination of the connector that provides dust and water protection, meeting an IP67 rating requirement.

Directional power sensor
Bird Technologies Group
DPS Series: The Bird Directional Power Sensor features a dual-socket, Thruline sensor. A wide range of Bird Elements can be selected to tailor the unit to specific needs over a wide range of frequencies and power levels. Also, select field changeable input and output RF connectors from dozens of types including N, BNC, HN and 7/16 DIN. The DPS measures true average power and/or peak power with exceptional accuracy that is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Operate your sensor with either Bird's handheld display, the 5000-XT, or via a computer with our windows compatible software tool the VPM2.

Audemat Silver 4B Mini AM

Audio processor
Silver 4B Mini AM: Audemat Silver 4B Mini AM audio processor, just like the 4Bmini FM, offers a big sound at a small price. Easy setup with simple front panel controls and lots of factory presets sound great in minutes. The Silver 4B Mini AM has lots of high-end features, like distortion controlled clipping, remote access via TCP/IP, an on-board scheduler for preset changes.

Casterstats Casterstats V1

Audience report generation
Casterstats V1: Casterstats V1 is a free desktop application that generates detailed audience reports based on streaming server log files. Broadcasters will be able to access both real-time and historical reporting at the click of a button, even if they use a third party stream host. They can also instantly generate reports on the number of listeners they can also access information about where their listeners are located.
+32 85 25 20 17

Tugicom RF Design DCE300

300W FM transmitter
Tugicom RF Design
DCE300: This FM radio transmitter features an improved stereo encoder that uses DSP technology with oversampling to ensure performance with low distortion, accurate channel separation and stable pilot tone. An external MPX generator and external RDS/SCA generator or audio processor can be connected to the MPX BNC connector to bypass all internal audio chains. The amplifier has temperature and SWR protections, and low-pass filter built in.

Hosa Technology LTE-503XLR4, LTE519XLR4

Gooseneck lamps
Hosa Technology
LTE-503XLR4, LTE519XLR4: With the addition of these two 4-pin XLR male-equipped models, the Hosa-Lite product line now encompasses 15" and 18" gooseneck lamps with BNC, XLR3M and XLR4M connectors designed to fit most mixing consoles. These lamps feature four white LEDs and two red LEDs for accurate color illumination. The Hosa-Lite lamps are highly efficient providing more light while requiring less energy. As an LED lighting solution, the Hosa-Lite operates at cool temperatures. Further, these models comply with all International lighting and energy regulations.

AES/EBU digital audio splitter
Ocean Matrix
OMX-DAY-MBX: OMX-DAY-MBX is a rugged 1×2 digital audio distribution amplifier/splitter for a very cost effective means to split digital AES3 signals. It is good for split to monitor applications and is passive yet delivers professional quality using high performance digital audio coupling transformers. It is fitted with three-pin XLR connectors.

L-com Global Connectivity RMSP-CAT6-4

Surge protector panel
L-com Global Connectivity
RMSP-CAT6-4: L-com has developed a 1RU patch panel with four CAT-5E/6 Ethernet surge protector modules to protect telecommunications equipment. The RMSP-CAT6-4 employs ultra-low capacitance semiconductors ensuring superior high frequency response and improved return loss for the four data pairs on each line under surge protection. The easily replaceable modules allow easy field repair in the event of a catastrophic surge event. The unit is 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) compatible for normal or reverse polarity systems and can be used with 10/100/1000 attached devices such as switches, routers, access points, IP surveillance cameras, and IP phones.

Studio windows
Soundproof Windows
Studio Window Max: Studio windows consist of two independent fixed windows on each side of the window opening: one vertical and the second vertical or slanted. Windows tested in a 10.5" wall with the window slanted back 5" achieved an STC of 61. For the 8" wall with a setback of 3" it also got an STC value of 61. The window angle is easily adjusted during the installation. With both windows mounted vertically, STC values of 61 to 62 were achived. Two sliding windows allow opening between two rooms and have more personable direct discussions. All windows and doors use laminated glass that is not dual pane. Dual pane glass is never a good noise reduction glass configuration.

Joe Co Capturing Performance Blackbox Recorder

24-track recorder
Joe Co
Capturing Performance Blackbox Recorder: The Blackbox recorder is a complete digital audio workstation for live venues. It plugs into any standard live mixing console via the normal insert points and will record sound checks. The recorder provides 24 tracks of audio recording directly onto a removable USB2 disk drive that can be immediately plugged into a digital audio workstation. Recording the audio at up to 96kHz and at 24-bit resolution into standard BWAV files on a standard FAT32 formatted drive allows the user to replay the material on any workstation.
+44 1223 911 000

Quik Lok LPH-003

Laptop holder
Quik Lok
LPH-003: This free-standing tripod base laptop holder can accommodate virtually any size laptop. Four stoppers, adjustable in width and depth, will securely anchor a laptop, without interfering with input/output ports, expansion slots, CD-RW/DVD drivers or ac adapter sockets placed on either side of the laptop. The laptop tray is height and tilt adjustable and swivels 360 degrees. It is also equipped with a pull-out mouse tray that can be positioned on either the right or left side of the laptop, and is retractable for easy storage and transport.

Sound Devices 552

Production mixer
Sound Devices
552: Ideal for both simple applications and in complex multi-input/multi-output production setups, the 552 is designed specifically for professional sound engineers. It contains five precision, high-dynamic range, transformer-balanced microphone inputs with expanded gain and headroom. The studio-grade inputs have their own limiter, sweepable high-pass filter and pre- or post-fade direct output. At the heart of each microphone input lies a high-performance Lundahl input transformer, which provides freedom from interference in even the most severe RF and EMI environments that are encountered in the field. Additionally, it has an integrated two-track, 24-bit digital audio recorder that writes broadcast WAV files or MP3 files to SD and SDHC media. The recorder is ideal for applications where a high-quality, 24-bit local recording is required. Either the outputs or combinations of inputs and outputs can be assigned as record sources.

Nautel VS Series

Low-power FM transmitters
VS Series: The VS Series of low power FM transmitters -- using only 2, 3 or 4RU including the exciter -- brings Nautel's transmission performance to broadcasters operating on 300, 1000 or 2500W. In addition to the products' rugged engineering, the Nautel VS Series is the first in the industry to incorporate Internet audio I/O and Axia Livewire support in radio transmitters. Customers using the Axia Livewire protocol will be able to connect their livewire networks directly to a VS Series transmitter with a single RJ-45 cable; no intermediary connections or D/A conversions will be needed.

Novation Music Launchpad

Interactive controller
Novation Music
Launchpad: Launchpad is a compact controller designed to give electronic music makers the most interactive experience possible in Ableton Live. It communicates bi-directionally with the software to give users real-time session feedback. It has been jointly designed by Novation and Ableton, to bring the features of Live to the fingertips of the modern musician. The 8×8 grid of backlit buttons addresses a multitude of functions, with the help of mode selectors that transport the user around the Live interface. Flip from launching clips to tweaking mixer settings in a stroke. The device itself is bus-powered from a single USB connection, and has a 10" square desktop footprint.
+44 1494 462246

Sonifex S1

Broadcast mixer
S1: The Sonifex S1 mixer is a high performance compact, low-cost, fixed format mixing console designed for on-air radio use. It can be fitted flush into a desktop or rack mounted by the addition of rack ears. It has 10 dual input channels consisting of four mono mic/line inputs, one telco/line input, one stereo cleanfeed/stereo line input, three dual stereo line inputs and one dual digital stereo input channel. There is also a 3.5mm insert jack socket for an Ipod/MP3 player auxiliary connection. The S1 has one stereo program output available as both balanced analog and AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital, so that a main program feed can be sent to a transmitter while a digital feed can go directly to a PC for internet streaming.
+44 1933 650 700

Middle Atlantic Products UPS

Uninteruptible power supply
Middle Atlantic Products
UPS: The new UPS from Middle Atlantic Products is designed to provide uninterrupted power where uptime is critical. Featuring a 4ms transfer time that prevents system disruptions and equipment lockup, the UPS incorporates high-capacity, heavy-duty batteries for longer runtimes. An easy-to-install sliding rear rackrail mount with 4-point support allows single-person UPS mounting capability. Expansion battery pack options are available for extreme backup runtime requirements, while eight surge-protected outlets protect connected equipment from damaging surges and spikes. The UL-listed UPS is available in 15 and 20 amp configurations in a rackmount chassis only 18.9" deep. Its intuitive power management software provides system status notification and automatic system shutdown as required.

Mobile recording and production studio
CI2: The CI2 advanced integration USB studio houses hardware and software functions. The two-channel XLR combo interface is equipped with two microphone preamps and +48V phantom power, and interactive recording functionality allows hands-free recording with the optional footswitch and the optional mic stand adapter. The controller section features the AI Knob that provides control with seamless integration into Cubase.

Motion DSP V Reveal

Video enhancement software
Motion DSP
V Reveal: V Reveal fixes common video problems and offers enhancement features including increased resolution, reduced noise and stabilization. It runs on CPU-only systems, automatically locates all the videos on your PC and presents them in a single gallery, plays video files, features simple editing and sharing capabilities. It can import AVI, MPG, ASF and WMV files. With Quick Time installed, it can also play MOV, MPEG4 and 3GP files. Minimum requirements include Windows XP or Vista, Intel or AMD 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB RAM and 50MB hard drive space.

Rack cases
Gator Cases
G-Pro Series: Gator has unveiled a new line of rotationally molded polyethylene rack cases with 19" rack-able depth. These brawny roto molded cases come with recessed Penn Elcom twist latches, front and rear removable lids, and molded-in ergonomic side carry handles. The G-Pro Series is engineered with interlocking tops and bottoms allowing secure stackability. All cases include heat treated 10/32 screws with protective washers and a free rack rail offer. Cases are available in a wide range of sizes such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12RU.

Tascam M-164 Series

Power conditioner
Furman Sound
P-2400 IT: The flagship product of Furman's new Prestige Series, the P-2400 IT is a 20A rack-mountable symmetrically balanced power conditioner, providing ac noise reduction and 100 percent isolation from the power grid for the lowest noise floor possible. It features more than 80dB of common-mode and more than 50dB of differential-mode noise reduction for recording, mastering and broadcast studios. The P-2400 IT provides Furman's SMP/LiFT/EVS Technologies for professional-level protection and linear noise filtration, as well as a switchable front-panel digital voltmeter/ammeter with color-coded voltage range indicator for comprehensive power monitoring, and a front-panel USB charger for personal media devices and cell phones.

Monitoring systems
Netia Digital Audio
Media Logging: The Media Logging range meets the increased worldwide demand for radio monitoring systems by carrying out the capture, indexing, transcoding and distribution of audio. Broadcasters use Media Logging for continuous capture of audio files, 24 hours a day. Each file is examined individually, segmented and completed with the necessary associated metadata -- in an automatic or semi-automatic mode -- through the use of sophisticated new speech-to-text and image recognition techniques.

Analog mixer line
M-164 Series: The M-164 is a 16-channel mixer with six mic inputs, great-sounding EQ and a built-in meter bridge. It adds digital effects like reverb, delay and chorus without adding external processing. The M-164UF is the first compact mixer with a built-in USB 2.0 to deliver all 16 outputs to a computer for live or studio recording.

Dynamic microphones
Blue Microphones
Encore Series: The Encore 100, 200 and 300 models are designed for any live application, from the rehearsal space and coffee shop to the auditorium and stadium. The 100 is a studio-grade dynamic microphone. The 200 adds Blue's Active Dynamic circuitry and output transformer, coupling the ruggedness and high SPL handling of a dynamic mic with the consistency and low noise of a phantom powered mic. The 300 is the flagship of the series and offers vocalists uncompromised performance featuring a hand-selected Blue Aria condenser capsule with a matched pre-amp and phantom power circuit, a tuned enclosure, and Blue's proprietary reinforced chassis, which controls airflow around the capsule for unparalleled vocal control and a natural, open sound, no matter how the artist holds the microphone.

Power meter
LBA Technology
Kathrein 3024: With measuring capability from 1W to 1mW, the 3024 presents an ideal upgrade for existing directional coupler-based RF measuring transmitter power monitors, providing PC and Internet access and SNMP network connectivity. It will work with most existing directional couplers, eliminating the need to install new line sections. Internal user-programmable software calculates the display power depending on the probe input, offset, gain and the given value of the directional coupler. Since the setup for each probe in the system is unique, it will even work with different brands of directional couplers. The working end of the rack-mounted 19" 3024 is in the rear, where up to eight probes can be connected for simultaneous power measurements. Multiple combinations of directional couplers and compensated probes produce a matrix that will give readings with +/-5 percent accuracy. Both digital and optocoupler ports provide 16 software-assignable relay-type contact closure outputs for alerts.

Upgrades and Updates

V-Soft Communications has updated FM Commander to The new release includes the capability of providing the graphics included in the latest U.S. Census Tiger data release. ( is making the software required to run its BRIC TS server available to end users. BRIC TS users may continue to use the server maintained by Comrex, but now have the option to build their own. ( Engineering has released version 1.3 of Iphone field recording app called Fire. This version incorporates many new features including audio effects powered by Izotope. (,

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