New Products - June 2009

June 1, 2009

Tascam 2488neo

24-track workstation
2488neo: This updated model has a new look and new mastering effects. Like its predecessor, the 2488neo has eight microphone inputs, seven effects processors, an 80GB hard drive and the simple user interface common to all Tascam Portastudios. The eight microphone inputs, four with XLR and phantom power, can be assigned to any track for recording large ensembles. A reverb effect, multi effect with guitar amp simulation, and up to 9 compressors are also included. The new mastering effect includes multi-band EQ, compression and limiting for professional-sounding mixes which can be burned to CD or transferred to computer through the USB 2.0 jack.

Fostex LR16

Live mixer/recorder
LR16: The LR16 is a live mixer with integrated 16-track multi-track HD recorder. It has two components: the 16-channel digital mixer, with analog-style operation and recorder transport controls; and the connector box, which includes the recorder and I/O panel. They are connected by a CAT-5 cable, and can be separated up to 164'. It records individual WAV track files, as well as a simultaneous stereo mixdown. The LR16's other significant features include: 44.1/48kHz recording/playback; 16-channel strips with digitally controlled trim and limiter function, and 3-band EQ; track bounce and punch in/out; FAT 32 file system, which can mount the full HDD data domain to PC via USB; master effects library (reverb, delay, etc.); group out 1-4 (TRS), aux out 1-3 (TRS), and EFF send (TRS); and rack-mount hardware on each piece.

Ultrasone HFI-15G

Portable headphones
HFI-15G: Designed for portable listening applications, the HFI-15G is the smallest headphone in the Ultrasone HFI line, but it still features Ultrasone's patented S-Logic Natural Surround Sound technology. They are open-back, supra-aural headphones. The HFI-15G allow the user to experience a natural surround sound sensation without the use of digital processing. Additionally, S-Logic technology reduces sound pressure on the ear drum by up to 40 percent, resulting in a safer listening experience for the user.

Downloadable audio
Istockaudio: Istockphoto offers an easy way to purchase all types of multimedia (including audio) under one account. The audio offerings include music, spoken word/voice, instrumental and sound-effect audio tracks, movies, documentaries, commercials, video games, websites, toys, games, phone hold systems, presentations, etc. The site will include 5-30 second audio tracks, maximum length for standard audio (4 minutes), and it will start with nearly 10,000 audio tracks.

DM Engineering Audio-Pod

Microphone on-off controller with headphone amp
DM Engineering
Audio-Pod: Ideal for remote broadcasts, talk studio applications or whenever one to four mic/headphone stations are needed, the Audio-Pod module is available with or without a low-noise mic pre-amplifier with switchable phantom power. The system may be configured with up to four Audio-Pod modules with one power supply. The power supply will power up to four Audio-Pod modules and any combination of Audio-Pod module types or options may be combined. Ten-foot power supply cables and trimpot adjustment tool are included. Table-top brackets for mounting the Audio-Pod module at an angle and flush mounting bezels are also available for recessed mounting.

Axel Technology Mr. Light Neon

Neon signaling sign
Axel Technology
Mr. Light Neon: Mr. Light is a compact and efficient signaling device, ideal for radio studios, recording rooms and radio control rooms. Choose from many available texts or custom design your own sign. A high-brightness neon lamp provides optimal visibility in any environmental light condition. Mr. Light features two user-definable operating modes: light on permanently or blinking. The lamp lights instantaneously and does not get hot. This preserves the display film from any deterioration regardless of the operating periods.
+39 51 736555

Furman Sound P-1800 PF R

Power conditioner
Furman Sound
P-1800 PF R: A fully featured power conditioner, the P-1800 PF R safeguards equipment with comprehensive protection. The P-1800 PF R is also ideal for in-studio setups that use powered monitors for playback of recorded material. Furman's Power Factor Technology reduces ac line impedance by providing a 45-A peak current reservoir. This gives amplifiers the headroom to operate at maximum efficiency and sound consistent from venue to venue without being subjected to current compression caused by line impedance or resistance. Clear Tone Technology adds an additional level of linear filtration to Furman's Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) circuit for a lower noise floor, allowing the instrument's tone and character to be expressed without the masking effects of ac line noise.

Website design
Radio Web Platform: Platformic allows anyone at the radio station to be able to update content on the website without having to call the webmaster. WYSIWYG tools allow users to run online contesting, add keywords, insert articles and interact with listeners. Platformic allows anyone to update events, on-air promotions, concerts, create contests and more. The final product is a current and dynamic website that reaches listeners on each and every page. More than 30 custom applications will make content more interactive with the website. Platformic comes with its own SEO compiler.

Middle Atlantic Products Duct Cool

Long pull ventilation system
Middle Atlantic Products
Duct Cool: Although Middle Atlantic Products originally designed the Duct Cool Series ventilation system for the residential installation market, potential customers quickly noticed that it solves a tricky cooling problem in broadcast applications as well. Smaller broadcast facilities may not have dedicated rooms, be cramped for space, and be in the process of converting to digital equipment that generates more heat than its analog counterpart. Duct Cool efficiently removes heat from the equipment without adding noise at the equipment location. In situations where the equipment is close to or in the same room as the operators or on-air talent, it can be cooled quietly and effectively. The Duct Cool vent system fan can also be mounted remotely (12' to 25' away is the recommended distance) without significant loss of performance. A temperature probe and thermostatic control save energy by only running the system when needed. The two primary components of the system are a powerful mixed-flow fan assembly and 25' of either 4" or 6" ID insulated flexible ducting depending on the model.

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX v1.7

Audio loop effects
Stylus RMX v1.7: The Stylus RMX version 1.7 now features Time Designer, which intelligently transforms RMX audio loops into different time signatures and features the ability to Groove Lock the feel of any groove to another - all in real time. Time Designer also lets the user create instant pattern variations with smart algorithms based on musical rules, and to simplify any RMX groove in a musical manner. Version 1.7 is also the first 64-bit native software release from Spectrasonics, includes all the new effects from Omnisphere and useful workflow enhancements to RMX, such as Suite Editing and Host Transport Sync.

Jacobs Media Iphone application

Stationalized app
Jacobs Media
Iphone application: Recognizing the potential and the necessity for radio to be mobile on the Iphone, Jacobs Media commissioned a developer who has already done this successfully to provide radio stations the ability to get their logos right on the Iphone desktop so listeners can stream a station through the phone. Other apps list a station in a large directory. Jacobs Media's vision was to simplify the process, and showcase an individual radio station's brand and streams. The program uses a station logo to make it easy for listeners to go to the App Store, locate the station, and download the app for free. Up to five channels can be installed on Iphones.

Beta version HD Radio
Dice Electronics
HD Radio for Visually Impaired: With HD Radio for the visually impaired, any radio actions are reported audibly. Voice announcements are made when: turning radio on/off, tuning to a particular station, seeking a radio station, a preset station is selected, a preset station is saved, an HD Radio station is being tuned, the time or alarm is set, the frequency band is changed. The HD Radio for the Visually Impaired is designed to provide a low-cost option for the handicapped to access a variety of radio programming. Also the HD Radio for the Visually Impaired has conditional access capability for users to access Radio Reading Service broadcasts.

Digital Juke Box Digital Cart Rack

Audio playback software
Digital Juke Box
Digital Cart Rack: This in-studio software provides instant playback of audio. The software includes unlimited carts and racks, multiple file playback on a single audio card, segue with and without fade, plays MP2, MP3, WAV and OGG files, resizable screen and buttons, changeable button names and colors, import folders of audio drag and drop from a folder to a cart rack button, set ending of any audio cut, support for long file names, quadruple overlay audio with any standard windows audio card, definable fade time and default ending marks, and built-in automation system.

FM Services TLM-1

Tower light monitor
FM Services
TLM-1: A microprocessor-based system that monitors the status of FAA type A incandescent tower lights, the TLM-1 provides a solid-state interface to indicate individual alarm outputs for photocell, flasher, beacon and marker failures and a general alarm output for any type of failure. Status outputs indicate lights on/off and beacon on/off conditions, and LED indicators are provided for each alarm and status output. The opto-isolated outputs protect external site monitoring equipment. The alarm outputs are designed with an automatic failsafe feature: Alarm outputs are normally closed with no alarm condition, so in the event of a power failure, the open circuits will indicate the lighting outage. The unit installs inside the transmitter building, even if the lighting control equipment is located at the tower, and can be calibrated with a one-button setting. Alarms can be set for any single bulb failure or photocell failure.

Text-message service
Hyran Media Services
Snip It: Miss a song title or the phone number of a business that just ran a spot on the radio? You no longer have to wait to hear it again. A listener texts the station's call letters to Snip It (764748) and automatically receives the information on his mobile phone. The text message service offers radio stations a way to generate revenue by making every spot interactive. Hyran Media Service ran a test of Snip It with a Seattle radio station and found that spots running eight or nine times daily, Wednesday through Sunday for three consecutive weeks encouraged listeners to send a text to Snip It for more information about the songs heard on the radio.

Stereo to 5.1 conversion service
Penteo: Penteo is a professional stereo-to-5.1 conversion service that has developed a method of converting legacy stereo mixes directly into 5.1 surround, without the need for multitrack masters or remix sessions. Audio is converted one piece at a time from stereo master mixes, under the eyes and ears of an upconversion engineer. The entire process uses a patent-pending method, which produces a 5.1 surround master that is 100 percent faithful to the relative pan-pot positions of the original stereo mixer.

Prism Sound MLA-2 Upgrade

Stereo two-channel compressor
Prism Sound
MLA-2 Upgrade: The MLA-2 now features a stereo or two-channel compressor with stepped drive (input gain), ratio, attack and release time, and output gain controls. The exterior has been modernized to include custom designed metal knobs and a thicker front panel. New output amplifiers with improved high frequency performance have also been incorporated and this unit also offers total bypass when the power is off.
973-983-9577 Yes Widget

Internet radio widget
Yes Widget: The Yes Widget is geared to renew radio listenership by promoting listener loyalty and time spent with the station. The Yes Widget, which can be embedded into any radio station's website, offers an interactive experience for listeners, creating a community through chat features and prizes. Through the widget, listeners can instantly purchase songs from the station's playlist directly from Itunes. Radio listeners can search among thousands of stations at
+41 78 855 7117

Remote lighted pushbutton panel
Broadcast Devices
REM-100: An eight-channel wired remote control system that uses a DIN rail-mounted series of electronics, this device allows control of up to eight relay closures in two directions over a single pair of wires. A single-pole switch closes a relay at the other end in both directions. Because the REM-8 system uses serial communications, one unit can act as a master to up to 64 slave units. Serial communications options include RS-485, CAN Bus or USB interface to a PC. When connected to a PC via a USB port, a single local REM-100 can communicate to up to 64 REM-100 modules. A multi-location remote control system can be configured quickly as only a single pair is needed to communicate along the REM-100 network. Each module has eight control inputs and eight relays so duplicate functions can be mirrored if required. Each module has a set of local and remote status indicators so that when a switch is closed in the remote location positive verification can be made at the other location.

Single, mid- and full-sized rack kit
Key Digital
KD-RB100, KD-RB200, KD-RB300: These expansion kits come in three heights, KD-RB100 (24"), KD-RB200 (48") and KD-RB300 (72"), which allow users to customize current Key Digital Racks to meet growing needs for rack space. They are made of heavy gauge steel tubing and features EIN hole spacing with standard 19" rack spacing on the front and rear of the rack, therefore allowing users to make the most of available space without any excess bulk. The kits feature a 600lb. capacity, slim 21.125 OD width, and customizable height when used with KD-RE100.

Pre-packaged broadcast systems
Altair: The Altair family of uplink satellite broadcasting systems was designed to meet the requirements of varying broadcast companies and applications of religious institutions, universities, new satellite channels, existing channels, large corporations, news agencies, etc. Altair is available in one-, two-, three- and four-channel packages in both C and Ku-band depending on customer needs. The Altair package includes the antenna and all related indoor and outdoor electronics that will handle encoding, modulation, transmission, as well as monitoring of the satellite signal. The Altair systems are offered all-inclusive, in stock and pre-tested for maximum reliability allowing for quick set up and fast time to air.

Sealevel COMM+2.PCIe

PCI Express serial interface adapter
COMM+2.PCIe: This high-performance 16C950 UART includes 128-byte FIFOs and provides error-free operation in high-speed serial applications. Additionally, it supports 9-bit framing and is fully software compatible with legacy 16550 UART applications. The serial ports on the COMM+2.PCIe are individually configurable for RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485. The 14.7456MHz oscillator and the UART's flexible clock pre-scaler support a wide range of standard and non-standard baud rates. Each serial port is capable of data rates to 921.6Kb/s. In RS-485 mode, the transmitter is automatically enabled in hardware, eliminating the need for application software control. This allows the COMM+2.PCIe to be used with standard serial applications while removing the risk of bus contention and data corruption. In RS-232 mode, all modem control signals are implemented.

High-power FM analog transmitter
Continental Electronics
816R-7C: The 816R-7C is capable of delivering up to 44kW of analog RF power using a single, air-cooled, Eimac 4CX20,000E tetrode. The 816R-7C is the analog version of Continental's existing 816HD-25 analog/HD Radio transmitter already in operation and delivering up to 28.5kW of analog and HD Radio power at 1 percent digital injection. While the 816R-7C is designed to be an analog FM transmitter, it can easily be upgraded later to analog and HD Radio operation, satisfying the needs of broadcasters needing to replace their existing analog transmitter now while not wanting to step up to HD Radio in the foreseeable future.

Compilation CD
Create Space
Sounds Eclectic: The Next One: Create Space, part of group of companies, has teamed with Santa Monica-based public radio station KCRW to release its latest compilation CD. The CD will be manufactured via the Create Space CD-on-Demand service and will be sold exclusively on The compilation features a collection of 12 live tracks performed on KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic - a radio show that spotlights indie artists and provides them with a place to showcase their music. With the CD-on-Demand service, no pre-built inventory is ever needed because Create Space manufactures the CDs only after customers place orders; for KCRW, that means reaching their audiences while reducing the cost and risk associated with carrying physical inventory.

Software-based Intercom
Clear-Com Systems
Concert Version 2.0: Via its soft-panel mode, Concert V2.0 provides access to a user interface that emulates a traditional intercom station. When combined with Clear-Com's Eclipse digital matrix system, Concert V2.0 forms a hybrid time-division multiplexed (TDM)/IP server network. It directly connects over Ethernet to the Eclipse matrix system (upgraded Version 5.1) with Clear-Com's IVC-32 high-density IP card. Each IVC-32 card provides 32 IP connections, and up to four IVC-32 cards can be slotted into a single Eclipse frame, allowing up to 128 new Concert soft-panel users to be added onto the intercom network without the need for additional infrastructure and hardware investments.

Upgrades and Updates

Tascam has updated its 202 dual cassette deck to the 202mkV by adding a return to zero function and A-B repeat. ( Systems has released version 9.0a of Padapult, which features the ability to send customizable now playing information to the Twitter and Friend Feed social networking systems. ( Middle Atlantic Racktools 3.5 software has been updated with new shapes for user-defined components and greater drawing export flexibility. ( has launched its Personalized Visual Music player, a reinvention of the site's original online radio experience that now combines personalized streaming radio stations with rich media visuals. (

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