New Products (Apr 2001)

April 1, 2001

NAB2001 booth numbers are shown when available.

Targeted ad insertion system

Booth i5946, L429, R1925

SplitStream: Using specific database and profile information, SplitStream inserts ads targeted to each listener. SplitStream automatically switches away from a commercial or promotional spot and inserts alternate material in its place. The advertisements can include graphical components and click-throughs to encourage impulse buying. SplitStream can send different ads to individual listeners simultaneously, giving advertisers a focused and effective way of reaching consumers. This ad insertion system can be combined with another RCS product called RadioShow, an Internet audio player and graphic synchronizer. RadioShow is branded by the content provider, which enables interactive advertising and provides animated graphics and e-commerce capability to any broadcast or webcast facility.
914-428-4600; fax 914-428-5922;;
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Trafficking system
Booth E5035 3.1: The latest version of FastChannel's application includes an interface for trafficking spots to Internet radio companies. 3.1 also features upgrades that expand the service to include radio network destinations, TV stations and enhancements in the ordering, contact and administrative functions. The interface enables the agency traffic manager to simultaneously distribute spots to Internet and terrestrial radio stations. Enhancements include the expansion of the network destination function to include hundreds of TV stations, Internet radio and customer-defined specific destinations, as well as ordering system enhancements. Upgrades have also been completed to include easier access to contact information, column sorting and administrative flexibility to assign user access to download, and routing notification capabilities.
925-376-1954; fax 925-376-1954

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Computer-to-video scan converters

Booth M7936

VSC 75, VSC 300, VSC 300D and VSC 150: Using Extron's digital processing to convert high-resolution computer-video images from as high as 1280×1024 @ 60Hz to NTSC or PAL video, the VSC 75 features an internal color-bar test-pattern generator, two user-selectable levels of vertical filtering, picture adjustment controls, RS-232 control, and a rack-mountable enclosure. With user-selectable levels of horizontal and vertical filtering, and autoscanning technology, the broadcast-quality VSC 300 and VSC 300D provide optimal scan conversion for any application. The VSC 300D is identical to the VSC 300 but has an added digital video output module. Genlock capabilities come standard on the VSC 300 and VSC 300D. Offering user-selectable levels of horizontal, vertical, and encoder filtering, picture adjustment controls, genlocking, and an IR remote control, the VSC 150 autoscans computer images up to 1,280×1024 @ 60Hz. The VSC 150 features 15-pin HD and 15-pin D input/loop-out connectors and offers composite video, S-video, component video, and RGBHV output formats. The VSC 150 features a 100 to 240VAC, 50/60 Hz, internal power supply.
800-633-9876; fax 714-491-1517;;
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Solid-state AM transmitter

Booth L12211

K5-A3: This 3kW solid-state transmitter features digital controls and displays. The solid-state power circuits use HEXFET transistors, reaching an efficiency exceeding 90 percent. Additional features include a PWM modulation system and two pre-defined power levels. From the AC line feed to the RF output, this equipment typically provides 80 percent efficiency, which is maintained in a variety of operating conditions. This transmitter can reach positive peak modulation levels of 150 percent. Operation can be single or three-phase.
800-733-5011; fax 214-381-3250;

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Routing audio via Ethernet

QSC Audio
Rave/s-24: A signal transport system that allows you to route multiple channels of audio over standard Ethernet hardware and cabling using Peak Audio's CobraNet technology. A single RAVE network can replace hundreds of analog audio cables, reducing installation time, effort and cabling costs while improving routing flexibility and audio performance. Up to 64 channels of uncompressed 24-bit, 48kHz digital audio can be transmitted over a single Rave repeater network with no bit-rate reduction processing or other quality compromises. Additionally, Rave now supports switched network topologies, allowing for larger channel capacity and greater versatility. With a switched network, it is possible to run hundreds of channels of audio in coexistence with asynchronous PC or control traffic.
714-957-7100; fax 714-754-6174;;
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CD-to-PC ripping software

Broadcast Software International
Booth i7239, R1915

Speedy 3.0: The professional features of Speedy 3.0 include labeling technology that uses the online CDDB service to place descriptive information within audio files; ripping speeds in excess of 20 × standard; and RapidRip for speed loading of CDs and semi-automated ripping. Speedy 3.0 also introduces an optional file naming convention that will be supported by BSI and other digital audio providers. The naming convention provides a unique filename for each song, as derived from the CDDB database. Speedy 3.0 supports all such linear and compressed audio formats as WAV, MP3, MP2 and ADPCM. Other features include the ability to play files digitally from a CD, normalization of ripped audio levels and silence trim.
888-BSI-USA1; fax 541-338-8656;

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Editing tools

Netia Digital Audio
Booth R2973

Snippets: Several sounds can be edited on a single track, each one identifiable by a different color. The interface gives direct access to the spectrum, and modifications in each cut are immediately visible. A cut can either delete a selection or trim the pieces outside the selection. When items are cut, they are dropped in a bin where the sound rejects can be played, named, pasted or saved. After a cut, the reading head is positioned two seconds before the cut point, so the user can listen to the sequence lead-in. Fade points can be set directly while editing. The actual time function displays the start of an item. Additionally, there is a new function for the creator module: automatic display of the duration between the start of a cut and the current position.
973-364-7511; fax 973-364-7522;
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Weather alert receiver

RWX receiver: Automatic mode provides storm watch, alerting you by unmuting receiver and providing an output to trip remote equipment when the weather station broadcasts an alert tone. A Storm Watch LED indicates that receiver is actively monitoring for warnings. Listen mode allows you to manually unmute a receiver to get an update on weather conditions and then reset the automatic alerting circuit when done. The RWX Receiver is small enough for emergency or portable use and can be powered from a 9-12V battery. The receiver uses crystal control for accuracy, and all 7 channels are provided, including split channels. An internal switch allows selection of a receiving channel. Sensitivity of 0.15μV provides good reception, even at distances of 70 miles or more, with a suitable antenna.
716-392-9430; fax 716-392-9430;

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Addition to NewsBoss

Broadcast Electronics
Booth i6126, R2505

WebCaster: An addition to NewsBoss, the WebCaster automatically converts radio news items into website news at virtually no cost. NewsBoss WebCaster is included with the latest version of NewsBoss, enabling even small newsrooms to create website news for their own station and to generate extra revenue by providing Internet news to third-party websites. NewsBoss WebCaster allows flexibility, giving full functionality configuration. The use of web-friendly open standards such as XML and News Industry text formats also allows users to customize the appearance of their website news to match any existing website design. NewsBoss WebCaster imposes no extra demands on journalists because WebCaster operates in the background, sending the desired text and audio to your website in the format required.
217-224-9600; fax 217-224-9607;

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FM antenna

Kathrein, Scala Division
Booth L9574

Model 754 154: A circularly polarizedbroadband FM directional antenna of hot-dip galvanized steel suitable for triangular or round masts. Even under severe icy conditions, the antenna is still functional due to its heavy-duty construction and the fiberglass covers for the feed points.
541-779-6500; fax 541-779-3991;

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AES/EBU digital cable

Booth L8783

1800F High Flex: A high-performance, shielded, twisted-pair cable that meets the latest AES/EBU standards for digital audio applications and provides performance for traditional analog audio microphone applications. Features include bare copper, datalene insulation, conductors cabled with fillers, paper tape separator, 95 percent tinned copper french-braid shield with bare-copper drain wire. Matte PVC jackets are available in red, yellow, green, blue, gray, and black. The color code is blue and white.
800-BELDEN1; fax 765-983-5294;

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Digital console

Booth L5023

BMXdigital: This digital console includes simultaneous analog and digital inputs and outputs to accommodate analog or digital sources without reconfiguration or switching cards. All modules are hot-swappable, enhancing on-the-fly serviceability. With its fully modular design, the BMXdigital is easy to reconfigure for the varied requirements of a station's different day parts, and a station can simply add modules as its requirements change. By combining contemporary styling with the construction of its analog sibling, the BMXdigital also meets the aesthetic demands of today's major market radio stations while providing the ease of use and reliability of older, analog consoles. The BMXdigital is available in a variety of frame sizes: 22,30 or 38 inputs.
800-622-0022; fax 513-459-3890;

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Digital audio player

Booth R2773

HitPlayer-L: Combines two stand-alone audio players with IP network services into a system for both automated and interactive audio applications. Program material can be streamed, played from local storage, or a combination of both. Applications include background music, public address, entertainment sound, interactive audio systems, and transportation information. An internal hard disk stores weeks of audio content. Supports industry-standard digital audio file formats including MP3 and MPEG Layer II. Audio selections are played based on programmed playlists, a playback scheduler, and/or network commands. Playlists can be updated by automatic or on-demand synchronization with remote FTP servers. The two independent stereo players have individual outputs that can be combined into a single output with mixing and crossfades.
703-875-9100; fax 703-875-9161;

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Profanity delay

Booth M9338, R2153

Air Tools 6100: A 24-bit digital delay unit for live broadcast that prevents unwanted profanity or comments from reaching the airwaves. As the program begins, the 6100 gradually delays or stretches out the program until up to 20 seconds of 20kHz bandwidth stereo audio is stored in memory. When a person on the telephone line says something the host or producer deems inappropriate for the broadcast, the host presses the dump profanity button, and the memory is cleared. Meanwhile, the host releases the offending caller from the telephone line and proceeds with the program. After the dump profanity button has been pressed, the 6100 automatically begins to stretch (time expand) the program audio again until the full delay is attained. The 6100 includes an automation interface for network broadcasts.
425-787-3222; fax 425-787-3211;

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Dual processor audio system

Smarts Broadcast Systems
Booth R3024

X-2 series: The systems use two separate processors, sharing a passive-backplane mother board. One processor is dedicated to audio recording and reproduction and runs on a non-graphic operating system. The other processor runs under Windows 98 or 2000 and provides graphic user interfaces, touch screens, and other features that can only be offered in a Windows environment. The audio processor can continue to operate if the Windows processor should fail. The X-2 series Smartcaster is available in a production unit featuring digital editing, automatic CD recording and an on-air unit offering a Windows touch-screen display to provide a way to run live programming. All features of the standard Smartcaster units are preserved.
800-747-6278; fax 712-852-5030

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Studio condensor mic

Booth R2253

M 150: Based on the style and performance of the vintage M 50, the M 150 tube condenser microphone improves on its predecessors' performance with a titanium membrane and capsule, a transformerless tube amplifier based on the award-winning M 145 Tube microphone, and a sophisticated power supply. The 12mm titanium capsule delivers low self-noise (15 dB-A), extended frequency response and unprecedented transient response. The headgrill is formed like the original M 50. The pick-up pattern is circular at low frequencies and increasingly narrow up the spectrum. Provides 119dB of dynamic range, 20mV/Pa sensitivity, and 134dB maximum SPL.
860-434-5220; fax 860-434-3148

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Dual CD player

Denon Electronics
Booth R2702

DN-2100F: A seamless loop feature lets the user create a looping sequence (two per drive) on a CD and allows instant switching between the set loops. The machine boasts a Hot Start/Stutter control, which gives the capability of being able to start at either of two different cue points with seamless audio playback. In Stutter mode, the two cue points are used for cue point sampling, which allows for instant triggering of momentary audio when the appropriate button is engaged and held, creating a stutter effect when done repeatedly. Brake and Platter-S modes are provided. Additional features of the DN-2100F include a Key Adjust feature and a fader start function.
973-396-0810; fax 973-396-7459;
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Stereo microphone kits

DPA Microphones
Booth R3126

3532-S and 3532-T: Both kits include a matched pair of 4041 microphones, and offer either solid-state (S) or tube (T) preamps. The 4041 is a large diameter (1") microphone. Exhibiting a transparent audio path with a low noise floor of maximum 7dB(A), the 4041 has a SPL handling capability of 144dB peak. Developed for the studio professional, the 3532-S A-B stereo kit uses solid-state mic preamps, while the 3532-T gives the option of the classic tube sound. Each pair of microphones comes in a foam-lined briefcase (KE3532) with either tube (MMP4000-T) or solid state (MMP4000-S) preamps and omnidirectional 1-inch cartridges (MMC4041). Both kits also include a two-channel high-voltage mic amp (HMA4000), two 30-foot microphone cables (DAO4110), two windscreens (DUA0040), and one stereo boom with holders (UA0836).
+45 4814 2828; fax +45 4814 2700;

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Studio support

Mager Systems
Booth R2701

Studio Furniture: Mager Systems designs and fabricates award-winning studio furniture for radio and TV. In addition to the furniture designs, additional benefits and services are available including turnkey prewiring, true solid-wood premium construction, 3-D drawings and designs, delivery and installation. Materials are chosen for their quality, structural integrity and heat tolerance. All solid-surface counter tops include a 10-year warranty.
623-780-0045; fax 623-780-9860;

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Button panel

Booth R2147

Button12: A rack-mounted, programmable button panel that provides operational control of the Logitek Audio Engine or other external device, Button12 allows the user to push any button, and the function that has been set up for that button will occur. Functions can include GPI outputs to external devices or serial commands via Supervisor software. Vbutton is a software implementation of the Button12 Panel, Vbutton provides point-and-click selection of any function that a user has set up on the buttons.
877-231-5870; fax 713-664-4479;;
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Cable assemblies

Booth L9510, S2722

SureFlex Micro-Cable Assemblies: These cables use a corrugated, solid-copper outer conductor and are manufactured using the SureFlex connector attachment process, which features soldered inner and outer conductors to provide electrical stability and prevent water ingress. SureFlex Micro-Cable Assemblies have zero-halogen content and flame-retardant indoor/outdoor jackets. These small-diameter cable assemblies (3.6mm and 5.7mm) are for in-cabinet jumper applications for wireless and broadband systems, and technologies including EDGE, WCDMA, and CDMA2000.
800-DIAL-4-RF; fax 708-349-5444;

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Digital audio routing switcher

Sierra Automated Systems
Booth R3105

32KD: Performs switching, mixing, DSP, IFB and mix-minus functions using the SAS exclusive DTDM bus architecture, enhancing fault tolerance and minimizing single-point failure issues. Fiber-optic interfaces allow multiple mainframes to be linked together for almost unlimited expansion capabilities. Both analog and digital inputs and outputs are supported on user-selectable connector panels. The system also handles non-audio, such as serial data, and provides contact closures through a general-purpose interface. All SAS switchers use a variety of control methods, including rackmount and console-mount control panels, as well as soft panels and automation control. Special control panels for intercom systems and mix-minus programming are available.
818-840-6749; fax 818-840-6751;;
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Digital mixer

Booth R1854

Qolle AMQ1000: A 16-channel digital mixer designed for live broadcasts and suitable for small and mid-scale radio broadcasts, the AMQ1000 includes analog and digital input for mono, stereo, external, and talk back channels. High pass filtering is provided, as are equalization and compression. Eleven output circuits are available. The unit is designed for A/D and D/A installation for analog input/output and variable AUX output (TEL2, Mix minus1, AUX2). Specifications include frequency response 30Hz to 20kHz (analog input/output) and 20Hz to 20kHz (digital input/output), and power supply AC100 to 230V 50/60Hz.
909-699-1270; fax 909-676-9482;

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Additions to the Flat-Pak line

RDL (Radio Design Labs)
Booth L4955, R3141

Flat-Pak products: The new offerings in RDL's Flat-Pak line include the FP-BUC2 unbalanced to balanced converter; the FP-MP1 low-noise microphone preamp; the FP-MX4 four input mic/line mixer; the FP-SPR1 S/PDIF repeater; the FP-MPA2 microphone phantom adapter; and the FP-PEQ3 three-band parametric equalizer. All Flat-Pak models feature all-metal construction; cabinet, shelf or rack mounting; top mounted connectors; DC-jack input and DC-power bus output. The FP-RRA and FP-RRAH accessories provide a method of rack mounting the Flat-Pak units. With the FP-ALC2 Flat-Pak automatic level control, source signals enter the FP-ALC2 via RCA phono jacks and are adjusted to a 10dBV output level at the phono jack outputs. The auto-gain circuitry and the compression attack and release times are adjusted according to the program material.
800-281-2683; fax 805-684-9316;
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MP3 recorder/player

Dialog4 Systems Engineering
SounTainer: Boasting a programmable, software-driven architecture, SounTainer can be updated over the Internet. DigitalDNA technology from Motorola, provides DSP power. SounTainer currently offers MP3 encoding and playback technology, but future versions may be upgraded with virtually any available future audio technology. Dialog4 also offers the SounTainer technology including MMC support. This module is small and can be used in such devices as PDAs, 3G mobile phones, desktop-PCs and portable audio devices. SounTainer features a playback time of more than eight hours and a record time of more than four hours. SounTainer is housed in a PC ABS case with integrated microphone and line inputs, and integrated headphone and line outputs. A USB interface is included for connection to a computer, although the built-in MP3 encoder allows users to record directly from any line or microphone source without the need for a PC.
+49 7141 22660; fax +49 7141 22667;;
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TDM router

Lighthouse Digital Systems
Booth L135

JOZ: Based on the second-generation SHARCO DSP, JOZ has a variety of features including: audio sample rates from 28kHz to 108kHz; 8k × 8k capability; test-signal generation and measurement; clickless switching; stereo-to-mono mixing; signal delay; multilevel mixing; equalization; and SMPTE and timecode generation and reads. The new control surface provides an easy-to-use hardware interface to manipulate the mixing features of JOZ.
800-323-8289; fax 530-272-8248;;
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Voice recorder

Dynamic Instruments
The Verifier: The Verifier is capable of recording from eight up to 32 channels in a single chassis. It provides end users days or even weeks of on-line storage and retrieval and eliminates the additional burden of storing, filing, or retrieving archived media tapes or disks. The ability to quickly retrieve, review, duplicate and distribute recordings has been enhanced with playback software running on multiple remote PCs or workstations. The system has an upgrade path for increasing the number of record channels and for adding archive drives when necessary.
800-793-3358; fax 858-278-6700

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