New Products (April 2012)

April 1, 2012

Acoustics First PhaseFOAM

Acoustical system


Wireless mic system

Alesis iO4

Recording interface

Altinex TP115-201/202

A/V to twister pair receiver/transmitter

Crenlo Emcor G-Series

Rack enclosures

Deva Broadcast SmartGen Micro

Basic RBDS/RDS encoder


Table microphone box

Gefen 4x1 DPKVM, 8x1 DPKVM

Display Port KVM switchers

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IK Multimedia iKlip Studio

Desktop iPad stand

Key Digital HD Spider Series

Audio converters

MCM Electronics Model 555-8485

Balanced/unbalanced line level converter

Neumann KH 810, KH 870

Active subwoofers

Nomad Factory Magnetic II

Real to real audio tape warmer plug-in

Olympus LS-100

Handheld recorder

Pinta Acoustic/Sonex Sonex AFS

Ceiling and wall acoustic system

Presonus Audio Electronics Studio One v2

Digital Audio Workstation

Royer Labs RSM-SS1 Sling-Shock

Microphone shock mount

Rycote Microphone Windshields InVision USM VB

Large-diaphragm mic suspension

Soundfield Research Ltd. X-1

Audio upmix and downmix processor

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