New Products (December 2010)

December 1, 2010

Adobe Systems Audition for Mac

Audio editing software

Alesis PalmTrack

Handheld SD recorder

Audio-Technica ES963

Three-element multidirectional boundary microphone

Altinex TNP141 and TNP141C

Interconnect boxes

ATC Loudspeaker Technology SCM25A Pro


AudioScience ASI1462

Mic/line preamp module for ASI2416

Audio-Technica ES963

Three-element multidirectional boundary microphone

Barix Exstreamer 500

Audio over IP encoder/decoder

Behringer Xenyx Series


Blue Sky International EXO2

Nearfield monitors

Broadcast Tools I/O Sentinel 4

Ethernet-based data acquisition

Communitek Video Systems Minicaster-HD

Encoding system

DDB Unlimited OOD-54DX-GP-42

Outdoor WiMax enclosure

Denon Professional DN-F450R, DN-F650R

Solid-state audio recorders

Deva Broadcast DB3000

FM modulation monitor

ERI-Electronics Research CD324-8DB

8dB FM IBOC hybrid injector

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Focal Professional CMS 40

Monitoring speakers

Gefen CAT5-1600HD, CAT5-5600HD

KVM extenders

Harris PR&E Oasis

Radio broadcast console

iKey-Audio RM3

SD/USB recorder

International Tower Lighting (ITL) DLC-403

Dual LED controllers

Korg Sound on Sound

Unlimited track recorder

Livio Radio Carmen

Car audio player

Mojave Audio MA-101fet

Cardioid condenser mic

Music 2 Hues "Logos & Bumpers"

Sound effects CD

NKK Switches G3T, G3B Series

Surface mount toggle and pushbutton switches

Optim Engineering PWRguard

DC protection system

Radio Netherlands Worldwide Radio with Pictures

Satellite radio images on TV

RDL (Radio Design Labs) FP-PA35A

Audio amplifier

Rohde & Schwarz UPP200/400/800

Audio analyzers



Steinberg Nuendo Syncstation

Sync technology

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Tascam DR-680

8-track portable recorder

TC Electronic System 6000 MKII

Reverb/signal processing

Telos Systems Hx1, Hx2

Digital telephone hybrids

Trident Instruments LSI-55

Load status indicator

vCreative Network Voice Pool

Intra-corporate voice talent sharing

VeriCorder Technology Mini Mic

Smartphone mic

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