New Products (January 2011)

January 1, 2011

Altinex TNP125, TNP126

Interconnect boxes

AudioScience ASI8821

PCI Express AM/FM/RDS tuner card

Audio-Technica ATH-M10


Cakewalk FA-66

Firewire audio interface

Deva Broadcast DB5000

RDS/RBDS decoder reader

Dialight D464

Ultra-low profile LED beacon

DM Engineering Audio-Pod

Dual headphone amp

ERI-Electronics Research MACX850

MACXLine rigid transmission line

Fluke Networks Fiber OneShot

Optical test set

Gefen USB-400 Fiber Optic

4-port USB 2.0 hub

Hosa Technology TrackLink

Microphone to USB interface

iApps Radio App

Free streaming app

IK Multimedia iKlip

iPad mic stand adapter

iKey-Audio Mv-2 Series

Active monitors

iZotope RX 2, RX 2 Advanced

Audio repair suite

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Mackie SRM1801

100W powered subwoofer

McDSP Retro Recorder

Enhanced mobile recording

Monroe Electronics One-Net


NKK Switches SK Series

Keylock switches

RDL (Radio Design Labs) HR-MP2, HR-MP2ANP

Dual microphone preamp

Roland R-05

Portable recorder

Samson Technologies Zoom H1

Handheld recorder

Sennheiser Electronic RS 160, RS 170, RS 180

Wireless headphones

Steinberg Nuendo 5

Audio production software

Tascam MH-8

Headphone amp

Technica del Arte Luci Live

Mobile broadcast application

VeriCorder Technology FindStringers

Freelance journalist service

Wheatstone WheatNet-IP Scheduler


Will-Burt Expedition Series

Portable field mast

Yamaha Pocketrak W24

Portable recorder

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